Stay Calm and Crochet…

Today I feel like it’s time to get out from the designer’s shadow and share something personal here. Who would think that the whole world can be changed in just a week because of tiny microorganisms. I believe today there are almost no countries left in the world that are not affected by COVID-19. The Czech Republic where I live has taken very strict measures. All schools, stores, museums and other places were closed last week for none knows how long. And today the whole country is under strict quarantine. People are not allowed to leave their homes with a few exceptions. Though it is recommended to stay at home, if you can.

DISCLOSURE:  the mace mask in the picture was only used for illustrative reasons, to metaphorically show how I feel. My family has not stocked up with them. This one was kept in my cupboard for ages. I encourage you NOT to stock up with face masks, so that medical personnel have enough of them to help us. Thank you!

I’ve spent hours and hours online last days reading sad news coming from Italy and other countries. I should have flown to the Netherlands to meet up with my crafty tribe last Friday. But I canceled the flight even before the borders were officially closed… I feel like I have to act responsibly these days. Not only towards myself and my family, but also towards other people around.

My parents are both 70+ years old, and I wish everyone in their surrounding acted responsibly, too.
My family life has not changed much. We don’t have any signs of panic, though I do feel insecure… We still go out to walk the dog in the fields. We order groceries online. We cut off all real-life social contacts for at least a week.

Yesterday my friend who lives just around the corner, created a chat for several friends to talk online via WhatsApp. I laughed at first saying it was silly. But then I thought it might be not so bad idea. Feels like all communication will go online in next days.

I am thankful for crochet being a huge part in my life. No isolation is felt here, and I’ve done lots of pattern writing in past days. Literally, at least 4 new designs are almost ready to come out to the world soon.

Why am I writing this… I just wanted to let you know that if you feel lonely, and locked and isolated these days, please know there are hundreds and thousands of people out there who might feel the same. And crochet is something that can help up to feel included.

Let’s connect online! Join my Facebook group, share your latest Lilla Bjorn creations.

This is the right time to maybe learn a new technique you have been looking at for ages. Or grab a new pattern and finally give it a go.

If you need more yarn and can afford to buy it, this is the right time to support your local yarn shop.

Call your parents, call your friends. Stay safe and please, take care!

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  1. Well said and excited that I u have not one but 4 ready to publish. Hang in there better days are coming for all of us

  2. Maybe you could turn one of your beautiful patterns into a CAL/MAL for all of us who struggle to keep on top of things in this crazy situation! I joined your April Showers Mandala MAL last year after I had lost my beautiful furbaby and it really gave me some comfort and joy to work on it during a really sad time in my life <3 Keep saft <3

  3. After the work of preparing and then huddling in our homes that will be the time for reflecting and crocheting! Thank you for your thoughts and concern. Mostly, thank you for your beautiful patterns. Keep them coming we will always need them.

  4. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I am staying busy with my Sunny Blanket. My son has been in the UK for the past 3 weeks and has had several return flights cancelled. He is supposed to be home this evening, and I will breathe easier when I see his handsome face. I agree with you wholeheartedly that our crochet community keeps us connected; not just during a pandemic, but always. Take care, Julie Bradshaw

  5. Thank you for your post. Last week I went to buy yarn and a crochet hook to relax during these times. I'm starting with some samples of your Spirits of Life blanket to feel less overwhelmed. Again, thanks for the great tutorials and videos, they are really helpful!

  6. Just recently been introduced to your amazing work. Have bought a few patterns and getting ready to lock in here in Australia.
    May I ask what are you doing with the little black number on this page

  7. hi, I hope we will all stay healthy as much as possible. I follow the instructions from our governement to stay as much at home as possible. Luckily I don't have to work anymore... I wonder if the grey/black cardigan is a new pattern? I just love it. Stay safe everyone x


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