How to Turn Crochet Blanket into Wall Hanging

Rozeta crochet-a-long was definitely the biggest event in my designer’s life last year. Thousands of people all over the world joined me and Scheepjes in the Rozeta journey. And thousands of lovely Rozeta blanket have been created. New pictures arrive to my social media feeds every day. And every day my heart is melted with quiet happiness.
Photo credit: Evelien van der Drift

Most of the Rozeta’s are used as blankets. But some of them were turned into rugs, pillows… and wall hangings! I’ve received quite a few messages with questions about how to mount Rozeta on a wall.

To be honest I didn’t do it myself, and all my samples are proudly kept at Scheepjes HQ. The Rozeta, as any other crochet piece, can be just hang onto the wall, but because it is big and heavy, it can stretch a lot and lose its shape. That’s why a certain kind of frame is needed for mounting.

Some CAL followers mounted their blankets and shared pictures on Facebook and Instagram. One of them was Evelien van der Drift. She kindly gave me permission to republish her step-by-step pictures on my blog, with short description for each step.

How to Mount a Crochet Blanket: Tutorial

Evelien used an old board from under the mattress and metal wire. This kind of boards with holes can be found in the building stores. The holes make it easy to weave in the wire, and also keep the board light weight.

Step 1. First Evelien cut the board to match the size of the Rozeta. Because crochet fabric is stretchy, the border should not be much smaller than the blanket – just enough to wrap the edges of the blanket and to pull it reasonably, without destroying the texture of the stitches.

Step 2. Then three wooden pieces were attached with nails onto the back side of the board: each on top and bottom, and third one to the middle of the board to keep it stable.

Step 3. Evelien wove the metal wire along all four sides of the board close to its edges.

Step 4. Then Rozeta was carefully wrapped around the board, slightly pulled and sewn along the edges to the wires on the back side of the board. Evelien used Scheepjes Whirlette yarn* - same as for the last rounds of Rozeta.

Step 5. A wooden piece was attached to the wall and finished Rozeta was hung onto it!

That’s it!

P.s. If you decided to keep your Rozeta just as a mandala, you can mount it to a round wire using the method of my friend Jellina. You can follow step-by-step tutorial HERE on her blog.
Photo credit: Jelllinas Creations

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