A Very Rainbow Blanket: Reveal

And it’s here! My new blanket. Made with almost 80 colors. I named it A Very Rainbow Blanket, as it looks like this, doesn’t it? I am still adding final stitches to another, monochrome, version and hopefully pictures will come next week. But so far I could not wait any longer, and wanted to show you in all its glory. 

This blanket has quite a story. If you read my blog earlier this week, you know already that I needed to perform a crochet surgery to get rid of (annoying) massive yellow part. The surgery went very well, and now you can hardly see the seam on the wrong side. And on the right side nothing is visible at all. 

A Very Rainbow Blanket was inspired by a Scheepjes Metropolis yarn pack with 80 x 10g skeins. A full range of colors in one box. The packs are out of stock at the moment, but the good news is this blanket is a perfect stash buster. And you can use all leftovers lying around your house. You have plenty of them, right? At least I do have tons of them. And this new pattern is a perfect chance to gather them all in one nice project. 

It might be tricky to put the colors in needed order. First I arranged all mini skeins according to rainbow colors (red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet). Pinks went to reds, neutrals and browns were close to green… It took me long to play with colors, until I was happy with the order. 

Then I divided the rainbow into 2 parts (40 mini skeins in each) for Yarn A and B. And started working with them making sure both shades – which were used at the same time – have enough contrast. 

I also needed to rearrange colors again as my blanket was growing. At some point I even swapped Yarn A and B for mosaic panel. 

The pattern will be released soon and I will give you exact order of the colors, so that you can create the same or very similar blanket. 

The pattern uses Mosaic crochet, it’s very easy and straightforward. And also fun with all the color changes. My initial plan was to make a graphical design with just stripes. A kind of false brioche. When I shared wip with Laura Jackson (who helped with testing), she pitched me an idea of a “classical” mosaic panel for the bottom, or anywhere else. 

By the way, Laura decided to use Stone Washed and River Washed pack for her own blanket in combination with black solid Stone Washed shade (x12 balls). She also played with striped and mosaic patterns, and her blanket looks completely different. Check all notes about placement of colors on her Ravelry page HERE. And if you are in US or Canada, you can also order yarn packs for your own blanket from her Taemombo yarn shop

Photo credit: Laura Jackson

As already mentioned, Scheepjes Metropolis packs are out of stock at the moment (let’s hope they will come back soon!!). You can either use leftovers from your stash, or Stone Washed and River Washed packs which are available in local Scheepjes stores, as well as via international online retailers. Remember you will need 12 x 50g balls in solid shade to accompany the pack!!

Wool Warehouse*, Black Sheep Wools (UK, international shipping) 

Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe) 

Taemombo (US and Canada) 

Photo credit: Laura Jackson

The pattern will follow soon! 

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  1. Oh my !!! This is beautiful !!! I can’t wait to make it !!! Thanks so much for sharing your talent with us Tatsiana !!! 🤗🤗🤗

  2. This is one of the prettiest blankets I've ever seen! I love it!

  3. I contacted Scheepjes and they say the Metropolis packs are discontinued.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful, I can't wait for the pattern to be available! But it's also a fantastic study in colour work - all the different combinations are inspirational. I can see lots of small sections of maybe 3 or 4 colours that would look great in clothing or other projects.

    I'm crocheting your Huldra jumper now, which I love and wanted to go straight on with another one when I finish this one - I think I see some colour inspiration here!

    Thank you and keep up the fantastic work, I love your designs - Trish x

  5. Contacted Scheepjes yesterday. Metropolis Pack is not coming back in the near future. Bought the river/stone washed pack and additional 12 balls. Cannot wait to get started!

  6. Is there a color chart available for your blanket?


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