Not a Christmas CAL. Week 2: Tapestry Blanket Coaster

Hello and welcome to Week 2 of Not a Christmas Mystery crochet-a-long! Last week we were making small baubles in brioche crochet, and my social media feeds were flooded with the pictures of your gorgeous creations. It started to feel like holidays are here already! And today’s challenge is Blanket Coaster in tapestry crochet. 

 Blanket coaster is a new term to me. I found it out just at the time of designing patterns for this cal. My initial idea was to use different crochet techniques, but tapestry was not around them. And then Laura (aka @taemombo) sent me a random picture of such a coaster.

And I fell in love with a tiny thing and its fringe. Doesn’t it make a perfect table decoration? For hygge winter evenings with hot chocolate or grog. These are the first every blanket coasters I have ever made in my life, so please don’t judge :) 

The fringe can be trimmed to any length, and a bit longer one might look neater. But I went for a short fringe, and my blanket coasted also look like small hedgehogs… 

Wondering where to find the pattern? It’s a part of my Not a Christmas CAL hosted on Ravelry right now. Purchase CAL listing HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy with the first two parts, and the next two patterns will be automatically added to your Ravelry library as they will be released (always on Friday). 

I’ve received a few messages about the patterns not added to the library. That’ happens because you are not logged into your Ravelry account at the time of purchase. If you have already placed order, please go to your confirmation email and there you should see an option of adding the pattern to your library. If it’s not possible, please contact me and I will add the pattern manually. 

For each blanket coaster you will need one 10g ball of Catona for background, and then you can use all different kinds of leftovers. The rows are short, and basically a new color can be used for each row. I tried to arrange mine for an ombre effect (combining similar shades). But I am pretty sure any order of colors will be fine. 

The pattern uses tapestry crochet. You will see all explanations in the pattern. If it’s not enough please also check THIS how to tutorial

For your coaster all rows will be worked on the right side in back loops only. You will start with a standing single crochet and cut/fasten off both colors at the end of each row. 

Photo credit: Laura Jackson

I made my coasters with 3.5 mm hook. Some testers felt like it was too loose, so they switched to a smaller hook instead. So, play with it and see what is more comfortable for you.  

And see you next week! I can’t wait to share next pattern with you :)

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