Furry Blanket: reveal

Furry yarn is adorably soft and squishy. I do not know of anyone who would not be happy to climb under such a mountain of cosiness. When touching gentle fluff, we, adults, are becoming kids again. The fluffy yarn provides an anti-stress effect, but working with it (especially, crocheting) can be a headache! 

My furry adventure is nearly finished! The blanket is hot off the hook, and it is only left to write down the pattern. As promised, there will be a super-fast and easy way to work with fluffy yarn. I did my best to create as easy to follow instructions as possible. 

The pattern will come in two versions. 

One is for the squared pattern in intarsia crochet. I have chosen 5 colors of Scheepjes Furry Tales for my own blanket and worked with 7 different skeins at the same time. 

And another version will be a simple and straightforward as-you-go blanket. Either done in one solid color, or in stripes. 

Here is an example of what Loele van den Bergh has made with two colors of Furry Tales: 976 Buttons (10 skeins) and 983 Tinkerbell (5 skeins) (with three skeins of Chunky Monkey 2005 Navy).

My version is more for the kids I guess, with a mix of pink, purple and green (and neutrals). I used three skeins of furry Tales in each of 5 colors: 970 Snow White, 985 Little Pig, 983 Tinkerbell, 978 Cinderella and 988 Aladdin (with three skeins of Chunky Monkey 1099 Mid Grey). 

And Laura Jackson decided to create a calm version with 977 Beauty, 978 Cinderella and 980 The Beast (and three skeins of Chunky Monkey 1302 Air Force Blue). 

Furry Tales yarn is available in your local Scheepjes shops and also via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* and Black Sheep wools (UK, international shipping),  Caro's Atelier* (NL, Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada).

This blanket will be the first in my “furry series”. In all excitement, I have already started to work on something new! And it is going very well. 

See you soon!

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