Labyrinth Blanket make-a-long

Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and today I will tell you a story. Once upon a time (and I seriously do not remember when exactly it happened… a few years ago…) I was checking my Ravelry group for new messages, and there was a comment from someone called @taemombo

Colour Crafter version made by Faye Pike

Laura sounded overly excited about her idea about turning several of my mandala designs into octagons, and joining them together into a blanket. She was talking about mandalas with different stitch counts on the last rounds, and I was not sure how it all was possible. 

Laura did not post any pictures; she was just sharing her thoughts. And I wanted to support her in some way, though I had absolutely no idea and no complete picture of what she was going to do. I also thought the blanket might turn a bit stiff, as I made my own mandalas with cotton yarn and a small hook. I could not imagine them as elements for a blanket. But what I also learned – never say no to a new idea, because in fact you do not know in advance if it works or not. Try and see. 

And Laura tried. 

Colour Crafter version made by Faye Pike

After a few months, her blanket was revealed. And that was a WOW moment. Incredibly beautiful! She used DK yarn and everything turned out to be very drapey. 

The blanket was a combination of my mandalas and patterns from another designer. If I am not mistaken, five patterns were used in total… 

We shared her pictures on Facebook and Instagram, and there was a huge response. Lots of people were asking for a make-a-long to be able to complete the blanket together with co-crocheters, with advice and support. Because there were so many patterns involved, and the entire preparation for such a MAL seemed scary to me, we put this idea to sleep for a while. 

But after last year’s success with Sunny Blanket MAL, we thought that was the right time to come back to Labyrinth Blanket again. And here it is in all its glory! With huge thanks to Laura and Faye Pike for creating gorgeous sample blankets!

Stone Washed version made by Laura Jackson

What is a Labyrinth Blanket and where to find the patterns 

Labyrinth blanket is a combination of three patterns: Labyrinth Mandala, Joana’s Mandala and All Spring Flowers patterns.  

You have two options: either to buy all patterns separately (in case you already own one or both mandala patterns, for example). Or you can purchase a complete bundle of ALL THREE patterns for Labyrinth Blanket at a special price on my website HERE. The bundle includes everything you need to know.

Both mandalas are my older patterns. And they are available as stand-alone patterns in my shops on Ravelry and Etsy: Joana’s Mandala on Etsy, Joana’s Mandala on Ravelry, Labyrinth Mandala on Etsy, Labyrinth Mandala on Ravelry. 

All Spring Flowers sample square (Scheepjes Stone Washed)

And All Spring Flowers pattern is a new one! You can either purchase it as a part of a bundle mentioned above, or as a stand-alone pattern exclusively on my website HERE or Ravelry HERE (in case you don't want to attempt a huge Labyrinth blanket, for example). The pattern includes joining elements (squares, side triangles, corners and border), which will make a beautiful blanket itself. In any size! And you can use up scraps of yarn from your stash for that one. 

Here is an example of what five squares with side triangles can make. I would stitch this square onto a ready pillowcase to make a new cushion for my sofa. Please, note that the pattern does not include exact yarn amounts, as you can make as many joining elements as you wish.

All Spring Flowers sample square (Scheepjes Stone Washed)

By the way, All Spring Flowers pattern also includes a tutorial (together with detailed color key) on how to make a gorgeous baby blanket with a Scheepjes Stone Washed/River Washed mini colour pack. You will also need 12 x50g balls of Stone Washed or River Washed yarn in one solid color. The wonderful sample you see below was created by Laura, and she chose Crystal Quartz as background color. 

All Spring Flowers baby blanket made by Laura Jackson (Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed mini colour pack and Crystal Quartz for background)

 Look at all those tiny cuties in progress? Aren't they the loveliest little things? I am pretty sure Laura had lots of fun playing with them. And she also wrote a complete recipe for colors, if you would like to re-create her blanket. Or you can combine the colors according to your own taste.
Photo credit: Laura Jackson

YARN and Materials 

Labyrinth Blanket was designed in one colorway using Scheepjes Stone Washed (luxury version) and Colour Crafter (budget version) yarns. We have tried to choose similar colors so that both versions look almost the same. Please, note that exact yardages will depend on your gauge and style of crochet, and you might need more yarn to complete the blanket.

You can purchase complete yarn packs from Laura at Taemombo yarn shop for US and Canada (you will also receive a complete bundle of all patterns for Labyrinth Blanket from Laura as a gift). Or you can find individual balls of yarn in your local Scheepjes stores and via online retailers: 

Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL, Europe). 

DISCLOSURE: The links marked with * are affiliate. I might be compensated with a tiny amount from purchases made via these links with no extra costs for you. Thank you for support! 

Stone Washed version made by Laura Jackson

Stone Washed version

801 Moonstone x 21 balls 

802 Smokey Quartz x 6 balls 

805 Blue Apatite x 3 balls 

811 Deep Amethyst x 5 balls 

813 Amazonite x 2 balls 

818 Lilac Quartz x 3 balls 

828 Laminar x 4 balls 

Colour Crafter version made by Faye Pike

 Colour Crafter version 

1005 Barneveld x 9 balls 

1067 Hoorn x 2 balls 

1099 Wolvega x 3 balls 

1302 Dokkum x 2 balls 

1432 Heerelen x 2 balls 

1725 Ameland x 2 balls 

1820 Goes x 1 ball 

Finished size (after blocking): 

Stone Washed: approx. 140 cm/55 ¼ in 

Colour Crafter: approx. 160 cm/63in 

Material list: 

~ 3 mm and 3.5 mm hook for Stone Washed 

~ 3.5 mm and 4 mm hook for Colour Crafter 

~ Stitch markers, scissors, blocking tools, yarn needle to weave in ends 

Stone Washed version made by Laura Jackson



If you’d like to make Labyrinth Blanket but not sure if you can cope with the patterns on your own, or if you prefer to crochet large projects together with someone, I would like to invite you to my group on Facebook where an informal make-a-long for Labyrinth will be hosted. 

If you are not a member of the group yet, please join it and don’t forget to answer a simple question at the check-out. Without this answer your application will be automatically rejected. 

We will begin on April 30th, 2021, so hopefully you will have enough time to get ready with the yarn and other materials. 

Colour Crafter version made by Faye Pike

There will be no strict dates and no rush. Because you will have all complete patterns at once, you can work at your own path and ask questions when you are stuck with the pattern. I hope this make-a-long will be a very relaxed one, and that it will also give you time to work on other wips at the same time (and I bet you have lots of them now). 

Stone Washed version made by Laura Jackson

I hope this blog post answered all your questions about Labyrinth Blanket make-a-long. See you soon! 

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  1. Thank you so much! Its a beautiful blanket. I see already the problem I had with the 3rd loop on the Labyrinth Mandala has been solved. You and Laura are a great team! I'm pondering using Our Tribe, which I purchased from Laura some time ago for the Coral blanket which I never got to....but SW is my favorite yarn and I have a huge stash. We'll see.

    1. Please, show me your blanket when it's finished!

  2. Ordering this today. Love your patterns. Just finished Celestia.❤️❤️

  3. ❤️ labyrinth. Got the pattern yesterday. Are you doing tutorials on your YouTube channel?

    1. There will be no video tutorials, but the patterns are full of progress pictures!

    2. I am having difficulty with labyrinth mandala, round 4 says 32 stitches, but it seems to workout to 36. Obviously, I'm not reading something right.

  4. Hvala, se bom naučila, čudoviti izdelki, lep pozdrav iz Slovenije

  5. I ordered the pattern long before the MAL, so since it has changed, where can I get the pattern for the hexagon shape after the mandalas?? Thanks

    1. Hello, if you bought the pattern on Ravelry, you should have an updated version with a separate tutorial about how to put the Labyrinth blanket together.


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