A beginning of something furry. Again!

Hello from the rainy Brno! I hope you are doing well, and your life is full of harmony and peace at the moment. I cannot say the same about myself. We have started a huge roof reconstruction a week ago, and it will take much longer than expected. So basically, we have no ceiling in the upper floor, and we all stay in a small room downstairs: me, my husband, our kid a dog. Cozy, but a bit chaotic 😊 The picture below illustrates the craziness of my current life very well...

I am writing this not to complain, as everything feels surprisingly good, except of the fact we cannot do laundries in a normal way. And no guests for a while. But the worst is that all my yarn and almost all my craft tools are prisoned in the bedroom upstairs, and I have no access to them. My colorful yarn is sadly looking at me from the locked shelves behind the glass doors, and I can only wonder when I will be back to my normal designing mode again. 

But the good news is that I managed to save a few furry skeins to continue working on something exciting! This project was started several months ago, but in all the summer rush I didn’t have enough mental space to finish it. But probably the right time has come. 

I am using Scheepjes Furry Tales (again! Check my latest Mont Blanc Jacket design), in happy baby colors – 985 Little Pig, 983 Tinkerbell, 988 Aladdin and 978 Cinderella. Those are the same colors which were used in my Furry Squares Blanket. And I am working on a new blanket again! 

This time I am crocheting hexagons with fur and trust me – I have found a very easy stitch pattern to make them almost mindlessly. 

I hope the blanket will turn out just like I imagine it. Stay tuned. More news will come next week 😊 

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  1. This is lovely yarn to knit with. I designed two teddy bears specially for this yarn. Have fun :)


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