Furry Hexagon Adventure Continues

Do you remember furry yarn I showed you last week? It has already grown into something. I still need to weave in ends and put all motifs together, but you can already see what it will be! 

This time I have taken a challenge of designing hexagons with fur yarn. And my pattern worked! In my opinion, these fluffy motifs look chick in combination with regular chunky yarn. 

I have made a few projects with Furry Tales yarn by Scheepjes, all with the same method I have kind of invented. Though it has been probably used before, and I just do not know about this. At least my small online research did not bring any results. 

All projects I saw were made with a large hook and advice to “feel the stitches with your fingers”. I personally found this blind method almost impossible to perform. And decided to make chain-spaces instead of stitches, and then work stitches of the next rows/rounds into these large spaces, which are easy to identify and feel with your hands. Much easier than to look for stitches worked in a row next to each other. 

The pattern I am working on right now will be free on my blog, and I will release it soon. It will contain written instructions, as well as lots of progress pictures. 

Wait for next week and I will reveal my newest blanket design for you! (Yes, it will be a blanket, but I believe you have already guessed that). 

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