Furry happiness: Reveal

With a tiny delay, here is reveal of my furry hexagon blanket (no name yet, so any suggestions are more than welcome). 

My blanket turned out of a lap size (with 18 hexagons and 4 halves), but no need to mention that with more hexagons and half hexagons you can create yours in any desired size. But probably good to keep in mind that this project is a yarn eater, and a huge blanket will be very heavy. 

First, I chose 4 colors of the Scheepjes Furry Tales yarn, but in the process of making I decided to stay with just three: grey, green and pink. And to combine them with dark grey color of the Scheepjes Chunky Monkey. 

The free pattern will be published next week on my blog, but you if you would like to go ahead and be prepared, here are my yarn mounts: Scheepjes Furry Tales (978 Cinderella x 3 balls, 985 Little Pig x 3 balls, 983 Tinkerbell x 3 balls) and Scheepjes Chunky Monkey 1099 Mid Grey x 6 balls). 

And the size of my finished blanket is approx. 108cmx130cm/42½inx51¼in. 

Both yarns can be found in Scheepjes local shops or via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada). 

As you can see, the shape of the motif is simple and classy. Blankets made of hexagons are always the winner. To my taste they look much more interesting, that just squares. 

If you have doubts about creating a hexagonal shape with furry yarn, do not be. I tried to work out a simple pattern. And using stitch markers should help you to crochet with fur without stress of finding stitches. The key is in creating chain-spaces and working into them on the next rounds.

I’m also planning to create a detailed photo-tutorial, so that you feel confident. 

See you next week! 

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  1. It's lovely! So tactile and snuggly.

  2. I can't wait to get started! I have the yarn ready and waiting.


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