New year with a new project

Today I suddenly realized that I did not write any conclusions for the year 2021, and no resolutions for the year 2022… Last year I did not do lots of things I usually do. The covid era put a firm, transparent film around my life, and it felt like I was sitting inside my cell, just looking out and not interacting much. There was not much of travelling and not much change from a daily routine. Some exciting things also happened, though. 

One of the brightest achievements of the last year was the publishing of A Sea Story book, for sure. It brought lots of excitement, and the feeling of accomplishment. As, what can be better than a finished wip? We, crocheters and knitters, know this better than anyone else. 

Hundreds of copies found their new homes in different parts of the world. And the end of the year for my family was about packing, going to the post office, tracking, answering emails, packing again. A whole new dimension of the work of a crochet designer. And such a nice learning curve, and acquaintance with lots of new people. Virtually. 

When I was not sure about a certain address, or it looked incomplete to me, I was searching online in the 3D maps, virtually walking in many streets of many countries. Felt great! 

Now the life is coming back to its normal routine and the process of packing and shipping is kind of automated, I can finally come back to designing and crochet. By the way, if you do not own a copy of A Sea Story book, we still have them in stock, and you can order one for you or your friends via our website HERE

January has been a month of swatching. Honestly, I do not even know how many swatches I made. With no time for a big conceptually thought project, the swatching still felt like I have been designing something. I wish I could show you the whole basket of those yarny sketches, but they look ugly as I used leftovers of yarns in different colors. Not matching at all, very often. 

One of them has jumped onto my plate right away, and I am going to grow it into a blanket. I can’s wait to share progress with you, but first let me show you the yarn I picked. 

Have I even written about Scheepjes Metropolis yarn here on my blog? It was launched several years ago and has become one of my absolute favourites (together with Whirl and Whirlette). 

I used Metropolis for many projects already, including garments and home accessories. It feels equally great for sweaters and blankets. The quality and composition are very nice: 75% Extra fine merino wool and 25% Nylon. 

The yarn is very soft and comes in 80 yummy heathered shades. So each color carries three colors in it. It is quite difficult to catch those nuances with the camera, but I hope you can see those tiny color shades in the skein. 

You can find Metropolis yarn at your local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL, Europe), Taemombo* (US&Canada). 

So far, I have not decided which exactly color I will pick for my new projects, and if it will be solid or colorful. I guess I just continue swatching and play, and will see where it brings me. 

Stay safe,

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  1. I fell in love with Metropolis while making the Sunny Mandala blanket. Keep on swatching, it will lead to wondrous things. And I hope one of them is brioche, my favorite creation of yours!


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