Winter Scandi MAL. Part 3. Overlay Mandala

Hello and welcome to the final part of the Winter Scandi make-a-long. I hope you enjoyed previous parts with an Embossed Mandala and Brioche Pillow. And today we will be making a small overlay crochet motif. 

Photo credit @evakobz

Overlay crochet is one of my beloved techniques. While looking intricate, it is not that difficult to master, as you only use one color per round. 

Photo credit @evakobz

In the classic way of doing an overlay mandala, you break the yarn and weave in ends after every round. But for the purpose of this make-a-long, I designed a small motif without cutting yarns. So, small floats of yarn are visible on the wrong side. 

Photo credit @evakobz

This mandala will make a colorful coaster or hanging ornament. You can also stop at some point and make your motifs smaller. You can also create several mandalas in different sizes, join couples of them (in same size) together and stuff. This way they will make a nice decoration for a Christmas tree, or a garland. 

Photo credit @evakobz

Small mandalas will also become perfect last-minute gifts, or special wrapping elements for gifts. 

I made a set of coasters for myself with Scheepjes Catona yarn and 3mm hook. As you can see, I could not stop, and made a few more motifs in three sizes. And joined them together into a garland, with wooden beads and a tassel. 

The gauge is not important for this pattern, as well as yardages. Just dive into your stash and choose leftovers in three colors. 

Hope you will have fun! If you have not joined the make-a-long yet, you can now purchase all three patterns HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy.

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