Hilde’s Flower Blanket

This is going to be a special post and a special design. I have been working on it for many months now. And finished just a few weeks ago. Initially, one solid colored sample was on my mind, but then I decided to make another one with Scheepjes Whirl in the purple color. Hilde’s favourite color. 


I have a friend. Her name is Hilde Tindlund. She is from Norway. 

She reached me out several years ago, when I only started to design crochet. She fell in love with overlay crochet and mandalas and made quite a few of mine. Now I cannot even remember how we got in touch. If I messaged Hilde or she did on Ravelry. But somehow, we started to chat a lot, and later she became my good virtual crochet friend. 

Hilde Tindlund. Photo credit: Ida Christin Foss

I discussed new designs with her, she helped me testing and graphic designing. And later she became an admin of Lilla Bjorn group on Facebook. 

She was one of the sample makers for a Scheepjes Rozeta CAL. A Midnight black and white sample in Colour Crafter yarn was made by her. And also, Dawn sample in Our Tribe. 

Basically, Hilde was the person behind the scenes who made the Rozeta design come to life, and happen at all. It is a complex project with different techniques and details, and as a designer I had many doubts about it. And Hilde was encouraging, supporting and as a tester helping to resolve some design issues. 

Photo credit @evakobz

During the CAL in 2019 one of the participants (sorry, cannot remember her name) was playing with the pattern and made her blanket in one solid color with front post stitches instead of the tapestry technique. The result was so stunning! And that moment I felt like I need to design another mandala with the same effect. 

Photo credit @evakobz

I’ve got an idea to design a large textured mandala. It took two years to bring this idea to life. But hey! Here it is, finally! 

The Hilde’s Flower Blanket crochet pattern is available HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy.  

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Surprisingly, the back side of the mandala looks as wonderful as the right side, which makes this round blanket reversible!

Photo credit @evakobz

Sadly, Hilde never happened to see a sneak peek, or entire design. Over the past two years, she was struggling with a serious disease, and we were not in touch as much as earlier. The last time we chat was before Christmas. I wanted to let her know that A Sea Story book was on its way to her home. And a month later I got a night sms from her son that Hilde was not with us any more… 

This is a special post about a special person. My dear friend Hilde, who did so much for me as crochet designer. I regret we never met in real life. But she came to me in a dream a few weeks ago. She was healthy and happy. And I will bring this image of happy Hilde through my life. You will always stay in my heart. 

I named this new design Hilde’s flower. And I made a purple sample for her. In her favourite color. 

Photo credit @evakobz

The pattern is for advanced beginners. I made progress pictures, but because the mandala is so big, it was difficult to capture every stitch with the camera. So, the progress pictures show the most tricky places, and you will mostly need to follow written instructions, which should not be too difficult. 

Only double crochet and front post stitches (and their variations) are used in the pattern. So, no complex techniques really. Both blankets (with Scheepjes Metropolis and Whirl) turned out to be big enough for a lap blanket. Or baby/toddler blanket. 

The measurements after blocking is approx. 145cm/57in for Metropolis and 132cm/52in for Whirl. Both were made with a 3mm hook. 

And here is another version of the blanket made by Laura Jackson (aka @taemombo) with Whirls.

 The Hilde’s Flower Blanket crochet pattern is available HERE on Ravelry and HERE on Etsy


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  1. Amazing designe as always, i saw the beautiful modification of Rozeta but this is gorgeous!

  2. Absolutely stunning. I put my hook down two years ago, life got busy. I missed it. This made my fingers want to grab the hook again. I’m excited to have this as my re-awakening project. Thank you for another gorgeous pattern.

  3. I’m on Round 9 and I think there should be 18 stitches per repeat, but I count 19 in pattern.

  4. What a lovely lovely blanket and dear memories. <3

  5. Hi Tatsiana! Thank you for a really nice new pattern! I am ready to begin on my Hilde's flower blanket ♥️ I am using a yarn I already have in my stash. I will have to use a 2,5 hook. But I also want to have a large blanket. So I wonder if I could increase the blanket, and where in the pattern that would be ok to do it? Sincerely Kristin

  6. Hi Tatsiana. It's s wonderful pattern. I bought it yesterday, as soon as I saw it. But, i wonder if there could be some differences in the stitch count? As
    Linda says, I also notice a problem, at least from round 9. I managed to reach round 12... But it doesn't make sense. As per pattern, it's 25 Stitches repeat. And that's a total of 150 not 144 . Can you please check it?

  7. Hallo , habe gestern die Anleitung gekauft . Bis Reihe 8 ist alles okay , aber ab Reihe 9 , nehme ich 3 Maschen zu und schon stimmt die Rechnung nicht mehr , habe dann eine Masche zu viel . Ist das eine Fehler von mir oder stimmt die Anleitung nicht ? Gruß Martina

  8. Hello, my name is Jana. I want to buy this lovely pattern. I have read the posts above and want to know if the pattern is update. Thanks for your answer ♥

  9. I am crocheting this pattern now and I can't get past row 7. I have frogged this blanket so much the yarn is fraying. I always have 5 sts left on row 7. Help!!!!

  10. Hi I've just started your beautiful pattern and would like some clarification please. In your notes what do you mean by 'For Whirl sample start working two cakes at once? Do you mean double yarn? I'm using a 3 mm hook with a single strand of yarn and feel it may be too thick . Also do you have a video tutorial for the first few rows? It would be wonderful if there was as I'm struggling to get the pattern correct. Thank you for your lovely pattern.

  11. I love this pattern. I have been looking for a nice pattern to make a friend for her bed. I love the dark center to lighter edging. WOW.

  12. I love this pattern and am really enjoying it! I just noticed a typo on Round 29... I think the end should say: 1dc2tog] rep around, ss to beg FPtr.


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