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Feels like I haven’t written any reviews forever. Busy life of a crochet designer. Instead, I am working hard to create new designs. And well, to be honest, I am quite a conservative when it comes to yarns – using the same yarns repeatedly. Being an introvert towards yarns, I am trying to overcome this “mental habit”. But still, I prefer natural fibres. And every time new natural yarn comes out, it brings huge happiness to my creative world. 

So… Please welcome Terrazzo! A gorgeous new yarn from a Scheepjes family! I am ashamed to say that I got my test samples of Terrazzo a few months back, long before the official launch. And my review comes out just now. 

But in my defence, I should say I started swatching with Terrazzo right after I received the balls. And by the time when I could show it to you, all yarn has been used up. No more yummy balls were left, and I am not comfortable to show the swatches, as they are already waiting to become new designs. 

But hey! I ordered lots of Terrazzo a week ago for a few projects. And as you have probably already figured out, I am veery much happy with this yarn and plan to be occupied with it for a few coming months. 

So, what is Terrazzo? Let’s come to Scheepjes website to find out 😊 

Scheepjes Terrazzo is lightweight and warm, with added softness and easy-care properties afforded by blending wool with viscose. Composed of multi-tonal base shades that are enhanced by contrasting and complementing flecks of colour, the result is a felted, tweed effect yarn with gentle stitch definition and impressive texture. Available in a huge range of 60 colourways, Terrazzo yarn makes a wonderful sustainable choice for colourwork techniques such as Fair Isle knitting and Brioche crochet. 

And just to add, Terrazzo is a felted tweed yarn, containing 70% Recycled Mulesing Free Wool and 30% Recycled Viscose. It comes in balls of 50g with 175m. 

The label recommends 4mm needles/crochet hook, but I played with other sizes and feel like 3.5mm needles and hook suite this yarn better. But of course, everything depends on your knitting/crochet style. 

When I saw Terrazzo, my first thought was – it is perfect for knitting! The yarn knits up in a fantastic way, and all those tiny specks of colors add a magical look. 

When it came to crochet, I was a bit sceptical. As we all know, not all yarns work well for crochet, especially for some techniques. I started swatching with simple single crochet stitches. The fabric was not scratchy, but felt a little too stiff. Especially when you think of a garment, or a drapey shawl. 

But then… then I blocked my swatch and WOW. What a difference. The crochet piece suddenly became so very soft! So, my resolution is that new Terrazzo yarn from Scheepjes is perfect for both knitting and crochet. 

I could see simple crochet stitch patterns (not to draw away attention from the beauty of the yarn), lace, mosaics… 

Not sure about brioche crochet, though. Front post stitches in combination with chains might make the fabric too bulky. Additionally, brioche crochet is known as a “yarn eating” technique. But on the other hand, it could work well for brioche cushions or smaller accessories. 

You can find Terrazzo via your local Scheepjes shops, and via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro's Atelier* (NL and Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada). 

Well, so much to do and try! I have cast on a new project on my needles with Terrazzo and have made a good progress already. If you are interested, pop up to my blog next week for a sneak peek. 

In a meanwhile, please, take care and Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates. 

For more information about the Terrazzo yarn, please, watch this video review made by Matt of Scheepjes. 


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  1. My mini Terrazzo balls are waiting in the box....no pressure!! Can't wait to see your blog next week!


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