Terrazzo Shawl in progress

I should have shared this with you last week, but a short trip to Vienna and then Easter preparations and celebrations mixed the plans (and yay, I could catch up for a coffee with Martin Up North!). I was still working on my current wips in the late evenings, but no time was left for blogging during the day. 

But anyway! Today, I can show you something. 

As I already mentioned, my friends of Scheepjes have released a new yarn recently. It is called Terrazzo, and it is a felted tweed yarn with 100% natural composition. 

I have made quite a few swatches in crochet, but thought that first I need to knit up something with this gorgeous new yarn. And a shawl jumped onto my needles. 

Well, it is really satisfying to spend a couple of weeks with knitting after so much crochet. And also, I was dying to finally try my new Chiaogoo interchanable needles (affiliate link) which were bought months ago and were waiting in the desk. And not a surprise that I love them! I have both sets: a regular one for 13 sizes, and also the one with mini-needles. Both are great. 

First, I tried 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm and felt like 3.5mm was the best for my new project. Though, while it was growing and while I was switching from one stitch pattern to another, I had to change to 3.75mm needles for some parts. 

So here is a quick sneak peek of the shawl. It was finished already; I only need to block it and arrange a photo-session. And then it can meet the world! 😊 

See you soon! 


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