Spring Whispers Blanket: make-a-long

It has become a tradition to host a make-a-long every year. You might remember or even participated in the Sunny Blanket and Labyrinth Blanket MALs. And this year we have prepared something as well. Please, welcome a Spring Whispers blanket

Photo credit: @evakobz



Spring Whispers blanket was inspired by a Wintery Octagon mandala – a standalone crochet pattern released a few years ago. I have always wanted to grow it into something bigger. And this is how an idea for a new blanket came to life. A central floral square, as well as a couple of borders and joining elements were additionally designed to put a mosaic of the blanket together. 

Photo credit: @evakobz

For the original sample, I have chosen Scheepjes Whirls and Whirlettes* in vibrant colors, to mimic a stained-glass effect. Laura Jackson (aka @taemombo) has created her own colorway for the dark Stone Washed & River Washed version with black background and a collection of greens and blues for the contrast. 

Photo credit: Laura Jackson

When both blankets were finished, I thought of trying other colors, with white background this time. Lovely Esther Schippers was kind to make a new blanket with these color for a photography. And when Laura saw this second sample, she got inspired and repeated it as well in Scheepjes Stone Washed and River Washed* yarns. 

Photo credit: @evakobz

As a result of the hard work of our tiny team (and with many thanks to our testers' tribe!), now we have two colorways for the Spring Whispers blanket: two of them use Scheepjes Stone Washed & River Washed yarn (22% Acrylic x 78% Cotton; 50g/130m), and two others are done in Scheepjes Whirl & Whirlette yarn (60% Cotton x 40% Acrylic; 220g/1000m or 100g/455m). 

Photo credit: Laura Jackson

Please, note that Stone Washed & River Washed blanket does not use the last 2 borders. The reason is that we wanted both versions to be approx. the same size. However, you can feel free to add the final borders to your Stone Washed & River Washed blanket. But because we did not test it, the yarn amounts for each color are unknown. The list of materials given in the pattern is for the exact blankets you see in the pictures. 

Photo credit: @evakobz

Where to find the patterns 

Spring Whispers blanket is a combination of two patterns: Wintery Octagon Mandala and Spring Whispers pillow. Both are available as standalone patterns on Ravelry and ETSY

If you do not have a Wintery Octagon mandala pattern in your library, you can purchase a complete eBook for the Spring Whispers blanket via Patterns by Lilla Bjorn website HERE. The eBook is exclusively sold via website only and is not available on other platforms. 

And if you already own a Wintery Octagon mandala, you only need to purchase the Spring Whispers pillowcase pattern, and additionally you will receive an extra file with a complete tutorial on how to put the blanket together using both patterns. 

This tutorial contains a complete list of materials and colors for every sample, you will also find an exact placement of colors for each colorway. As well as instructions for joining elements, and a link to a video tutorial for joining. 

If you do not feel like completing the whole blanket, you can make a nice fresh pillow with the Spring Whispers pillowcase pattern. And still join the make-a-long. 

I used Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn in four colors for mine. The square turned to be approx. 58cm larger, and I stitched it by hand onto a ready fabric pillowcase from IKEA. 

Where to find the yarn 

The yarn for Spring Whispers blanket can be found in your nearest local Scheepjes store (check the pattern for an exact list of yarns, colors and amounts). And if you are in Canada & US, you can purchase a yarn kit from Taemombo. The price includes yarn and an eBook you need to make this blanket. So, no need to purchase the patterns separately! 

Photo credit: @evakobz


Spring Whispers blanket is an intermediate pattern; however, an advanced beginner can also give it a try. Big central squares and octagons are created with a combination of linen stitch and overlay crochet. Sometimes written instructions might get a bit tricky to follow (they are written row-by-row and indicate skipped stitches and exact placement of the overlay stitches). But step-by-step pictures will provide all necessary help and visual support. 

Photo credit: @evakobz

To make the Spring Whispers blanket even a smoother journey, we will host a make-a-long in our Facebook group. That will be an informal event with no strict deadlines. The blanket will be divided into some doable parts, which will be announced weekly. But because you will receive a complete pattern from the beginning, you can start crocheting right away. 

Photo credit: Laura Jackson

The make-a-long will last for a couple of months, and you will have time and space to share your progress pictures and ask questions if you are stuck at some point. 

I will be checking the group daily and will try to provide the participants of the MAL with help and encouragement. 

Photo credit: @evakobz

We have pencilled the beginning of the Spring Whispers MAL for June 3rd, 2022. It should give you enough time to get ready with the pattern and materials. 

Find a complete eBook for the Spring Whispers blanket on Patterns by Lilla Bjorn website HERE

See you there? 


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  1. Is the entire pattern available through Ravelry? I didn’t see it, only the individual two larger patterns.

  2. Is the e-book in Dutch also?

  3. That’s the nicest blanket I’ve seen in a long time!

  4. Could you please tell me the size of the blanket? Thanks.


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