Terrazzo shawl: Reveal

While we are getting prepared for the Spring Whispers blanket make-a-long (have you seen it already? Check this post!), I thought I should finally share the reveal of the new shawl design. It has been finished for a while now, and we even managed to organize a photo-session. But I was always in a middle of somewhere and did not have enough time and mental space to show it to you. But anyway, here it is! 

Photo credit for all pictures and a video - @evakobz

Terrazzo shawl is not an official name. It is a draft named after the Terrazzo yarn from Scheepjes which I used. It’s felted tweed, natural and gorgeous. And you can read my thought about this yarn HERE

First, I wanted to use several colors for this shawl, but then thought that the yarn itself is so wonderful and carries so much magic, so that it would be a pity not to show it off in its natural beauty. 

Being a tweed yarn, every color carries the background shade together with tiny specks of the contrast color. The shade I picked for my new design is called Pergamena (745). It is a very gentle light grey with tiny bits of blue. 

The contrast between the background and accent colors in this particular shade is very high. So, I figured I should not introduce complicated texture into the pattern, as small blue dots (being quite bright) might draw attention away from the textured fabric. 

On the other hand, I didn’t want the shawl to look too simple. So, I decided to design it in a way “a bit of everything”. 


This design uses two textured stitch patterns: the seed stitch and the honeycomb stitch, together with plain sections, garter ridges and the ribbing on the edge to finish. Carrying quite a few different panels, I think the shawl turned out elegant with not much going on. 

The shape is slightly asymmetrical, and you can use the slim corner for a cute knot 😊 

The size is very generous! It measures approx. 100 x 255cm/39 x 100in. And I used 8 balls of Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn. 

And the drape is just perfect, too!

The free knitting pattern will follow soon. If you would like to get your needles ready, you can find Terrazzo via your local Scheepjes shops, and via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro's Atelier* (NL and Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada).

Ah, yes! I’ve already mentioned that there is still no official name for this pattern. So, any suggestions are very welcome! 

 UPDATE: find the pattern HERE on my blog.


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  1. It is a beautiful shawl. I would name it Spring Rain as the circular shapes remind me of raindrops as does the blue specks.

  2. Love it. Name: cobblestone?

  3. Terrazzo Tile Shawl

  4. Pergamena means parchment, so howabout 'Pergamena waves'

  5. hundreds and thousands (sprinkles)

  6. Really desperate waiting for release day


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