Geometry & Texture Mystery make-a-long: Announcement

It has become a good tradition to host a mystery make-a-long (MAL) annually, and this year is not an exception. We’ve already had Not A Christmas MAL two years ago and Winter Scandi MAL last year. But this year’s project is a special one! We have teamed up with Martin Up North to bring you six brand-new and exclusive patterns. Please, welcome a Geometry & Texture make-a-long

What is this MAL about 

As you can already understand from the name, all projects are themed with geometry and texture, and you will get a chance to try your hand in mosaic, overlay, embossed and slip stitch crochet techniques. The patterns will include wearable accessories and home decorations, but you can easily adjust stitch patterns for a variety of other projects. 

Who are the designers

Geometry & Texture MAL will be hosted by me (Lilla Bjorn Crochet) and Martin Up North. If you are not familiar with his work, make sure to check out his website HERE. Martin lives up north in Sweden, and he is a huge nature lover. His pictures of the Northern Lights and wild animals are breathtaking, as well as his crochet designs.

We have a little different crochet styles, but similar aesthetics and vision. And we are both very excited about this make-a-long. A lot of work has been secretly done behind the scenes, and we can't wait to share our patterns with you.

Where to find the patterns 

Geometry & Texture MAL has not started yet, and a pre-order is running right now. To get access to all 6 patterns, you will need to purchase MAL listings on Ravelry from both designers separately (links below). Martin and I have created 3 patterns each. And you can either purchase both listings with 6 patterns in total, or choose just one designer, receiving 3 mystery patterns.

Lilla Bjorn's patterns are HERE

Martin’s Up North patterns are HERE 

What you will need

Martin and I used specific Scheepjes yarns for our projects, but you can absolutely use up your stash. You can either pick the yarns in similar weigh, or experiment and use heavier or lighter yarns. There are no strict rules and yarns quantities. Of course, if you decide to make exactly the same projects as we did, you will receive a complete list of colors and yardages. But as already mentioned above, the stitch patterns from each project can be also used for something else. 

EDIT: because of many requests about yarn information, I decided to reveal yarn amounts used for my mystery projects. 

Project 1:  Scheepjes Terrazzo*. Yarn A x 3 balls, Yarn B x 2 balls

Project 2: Scheepjes Scrumptious*. One color x 3 balls

Project 3: Scheepjes Catona*. Leftovers in different colors

When does the MAL begin

The first pattern will be added to your Ravelry library on November 11th, 2022. And then a new pattern will be revealed every Friday. The patterns will be offered at a reduced price during the time of the MAL through December 31st, 2022. You do not need any codes, as the price is discounted already and will be updated to a full price after the end of the MAL. 

Official support for the MAL 

Official support for this MAL will be offered in my Facebook group HERE where we will be happy to see all your pictures! Join now our friendly community with 33K+ members. Please, be aware that you will have to answer a simple question upon a sing up. Without answering, your request will not be approved. 

Hope you join! And enjoy! 



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  1. So excited! I bought the patterns for the MALs on Ravelry yesterday when I received the announcement email from Martin Up North. This will be a fantastic collaboration!

  2. Hi Tatsiana, I’d love to join the MAL. Are the patterns suitable for someone new to brioche and mosaic techniques though?


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