Early Waves Cowl – Geometry & Texture MAL

Hello and welcome to the first part of the Geometry & Texture make-a-long. As we probably know, we have teamed up with Martin Up North to bring you six exclusive and never published before patterns in different crochet techniques. And today we begin with an Early Waves Cowl in slip stitch crochet. 

If you have no idea what Geometry & Texture MAL is about, please read the announcement post HERE. And you might also want to check mystery projects from previous years: Not a Christmas CAL in 2020 and Winter Scandi MAL in 2021. 

This year’s make-a-long was inspired by geometry shapes and texture of nature and architecture. I cannot tell what Martin is up to (you remember it’s a mystery, right?), as we will reveal all six patterns weekly one by one. But I can tell you the story behind the first project. 

Early Waves Cowl was inspired by the sea, the greatest love of mine. I believe everyone has a special place in their life, where they feel the power, where they come to relax, recharge and to find the way back to themselves. For me, such a place is a wooden beach in the Västra Hamnen quarter of Malmö, in Sweden. 

Not everything can be explained in words, but here I can stop and breathe. Here I can be myself. And no wonder, I come here every year (or even twice a year, if I am lucky), and always travel on my own.


By the way, the pictures for A Sea Story book were also taken here, at the beachside of Malmö. We will have a few dozen copies back in stock in a couple of weeks, but you can also download a digital version of the book from our website HERE

But let’s come back to the Early Waves Cowl. 

Imagine an early, foggy morning by the sea. No wind, pale yellow sun. Tiny gentle waves. This is what the Early Waves Cowl is about. 

I used Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn in two colors (2 and 3 balls), and the pattern consists of two panels. One is done in one color with brioche waves, and another panel is ribbed with tow-coloured stripes. 

You can find Terrazzo via your local Scheepjes shops, and via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro's Atelier* (NL and Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada).

As well as all other patterns from a Geometry & Mystery MAL, this cowl can be adjusted in width and length. You can make it wider, or shorter. And you can also use the stitch patterns for other projects, too. Think blankets, pillows, bags… anything! 

Just to remind you, all my 3 patterns for this mystery MAL can be found on Ravelry HERE (you pay once, and each new pattern will be added to your Ravelry library every other week). 

And if you want a complete collection with all 6 patterns, you will also need to grab a MAL listing from Martin Up North HERE

That’s all I wanted to share with you today. Hope you will have fun with the Early Waves Cowl pattern. And do not forget to visit Martin’s blog next Friday to see what he has prepared for you. 


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