One Evening Snowflake (and a star)

Welcome to week 3 of the One Evening Mystery make-a-long. Last week’s project was a bit intense, but hopefully you could manage and complete the bauble with the help of video tutorials and progress pictures. I am thankful that you share your gorgeous pictures on social media, so that I can see and admire them. This week we are making a small and charming hanging ornament. Let me introduce you to One Evening Snowflake (and a bonus little star). 

Don’t own the MAL pattern yet? Grab your copy on Ravelry HERE

I should admit that this week’s pattern was a bit of a designing challenge for me. All 4 projects for the make-a-long were designed and ready to go long ago. But suddenly, last week, my inner perfectionist decided that the project I prepared for this week was not good enough. 

So, while you were busy with the baubles, I literally redesigned the snowflake from scratch, recorded the video and made progress pictures. I kind of joined the MAL but was running one week ahead of you.

Designing lace patterns is not my strongest part. I have always admired lovely textured doilies other designers created. And wished I could do something similar one day. But well, to grow into something you need to start with something small. 

I took this challenge and created a small textured snowflake, with popcorns, front post stitches and picots. And I am very happy with how it turned out. You can use this snowflake as a separate hanging ornament, or assembly a few of them into a wall decoration. 

Surprisingly, we have got some snow in the Czech Republic over the last couple of days, and slow falling snowflakes against the dark sky inspired me to create a wall hanging. 

The other day we went for a walk to the forest in search of the fallen branches which I could use for this project. The air was still, the trees looked romantic, we met some wild birds and rabbits. Just the perfect winter mood. 

 And I hope I could translate the same feeling through my One Evening project. 

This week’s pattern comes with two parts. One is for a snowflake, and another one is for a little star. It will also make a cute hanging ornament, or a gift tag. 

And you can easily turn it into a bookmark – perfect as a last-minute gift. 

Do not forget to block your snowflakes and star before gifting them. Blocking does the whole magic. It gives a snowflake a precise shape and fragile look. And the lace opens nicely. 

You can still join the fun. Find your own copy of the pattern on Ravelry HERE. Hope you enjoy! 

See you next week with the next (last) project from the One Evening make-a-long. 


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  1. Beverly McLaughlin8 December 2023 at 21:20

    You are so talented and I love all your projects.


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