One Evening Coaster

Welcome to Week 4 of the One Evening Mystery make-a-long. Time flies fast, and we are on the last part of the MAL already. In the previous three weeks we made a mug wrap, a colorful bauble, a fragile snowflake. And this week we will be making a coaster in a beloved brioche crochet technique. 

If you purchased the MAL listing on Ravlery, the last pattern has already landed to your library, and you can download the instructions (again, there will be 2 files available for download, with one of them containing detailed progress pictures). 

And if you do not own the patterns yet, but would like to join, you can grab your copy on Ravelry HERE and newly on Etsy HERE. 

And if you would like to make even more small and cute hanging ornaments, check out an e-book with 7 patterns HERE on our website

One Evening Coaster is a compact design with a practical ridge preventing glasses and cups from sliding off the coaster. It is small, but also big enough to get a nice introduction into the brioche crochet technique, with a helpful video tutorial accompanying the pattern. 

And except of learning the technique, you will also get a chance to practice making modified crochet clusters. For a better result, choose a light and dark color for the center of the coaster, with a bright accent color for the last rounds. 

And make a set of several coasters by switching placement of the colors for each new motif. 

Brioche has been one of my most favourite crochet techniques over the last couple of years. If you want to check more patterns in this wonderful technique, have a look at my Brioche Masterclass HERE

To hide the back side of the coasters, you can optionally sew a piece of felt to the bottom of them. Or you can turn them into hanging double-sided ornaments by making two circles in joining them together with some stuffing inside. 

And of course, the beads will add a final festive touch. I sew the beads only along the last rounds of the coaster to keep the centre flat, as I am going to use those as coasters. 

Hope you enjoyed the One Evening Mystery make-a-long. 

See you next year with the new adventures. 


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