Friday Balaclava

Year 2023 is right behind the door. I hope you had a relaxing holiday and time to meditate and reflex on the passing year. I do not make resolutions for a new year, as I think life does not finish on December 31st and does not start again on January 1st. And I do not really believe that it is possible to become a different person overnight. Though of course the last days of the year kind of force to think of what you’d like to bring to a new year. And what new achievements you’d like to make. 

I’d like to become a better person. I’d like to find peace for my soul. I’d like to better balance my work and personal life. I’d like to finish my second book. I’d like to design more. And I’d like to design more simple patterns, stylish and wearable. 

There is one pattern that I finished in December and planned to release before New Year's Eve. But in the holiday rush with a One Evening Mystery make-a-long (which was a huge success – thank you for all the love you gave my tiny patterns) I felt like that new pattern can wait for a while. And be released in January. 

So… Here it is. A Friday Balaclava! 

Find the pattern on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE

Balaclavas and all kinds of hoods have been popular for quite a long time now. And it feels like this trend will stay with us for a while. And yes, I know there are plenty of balaclava patterns out there. Mostly knitted, but also crochet. But I could not help myself and try my own hand in something simple and wearable like this. And I should admit, I am very happy with how it turned out. 

I’ve made four Friday Balaclavas, and they have already been claimed by my friends. Which makes me even happier and proves that I’ve designed something nice. I managed to save one balaclava for myself. Just in time for frosty weather. 

The pattern is simple with only basic stitches used. And I am safe to say it is aimed for crochet beginners. The pattern does contain some special techniques (like short rows), but I have recorded a video tutorial explaining everything in detail. 

Friday Balaclava pattern is written for one size, and keeping consistent and correct gauge is critical for accurate sizing. Though, some gauge variations are not too important. Just to assure you, all my four balaclavas turned in slightly different sizes. But they all fit just fine. 

As for the yarn, I figured that merino yarn works the best for this pattern. I made two balaclavas with Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn (fantastic feel) and one balaclava for myself with Scheepjes Metropolis and Scheepjes Rhythm Mohair held together. 

The gauge for the latest was a little bigger, but I love the roomy shape, as slim fitted hats and hoods do not suit my face. And if you cannot wear wool, then Scheepjes Stonewashed is also an option. The stitch definition with this yarn looks great and the fabric is warm enough to protect from cold and wind. 

Check all colors of Scheepjes yarns in your local Scheepjes store, or via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK & international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL & Europe), Taemombo* (US & Canada). 

Find the pattern for Friday Balaclava on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE

Coming back to New Year's resolutions, it feels satisfying to enter the new year with a new design. And hopefully, more designs to come. 


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  1. A great knit design that combines both warmth and style in winter. It is a successful choice for both protecting the face and prioritizing elegance in weather conditions. It is a great project for knitting enthusiasts and will be indispensable in winter.


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