Blomma Square, and something about my designing process…

I continue to explore brioche crochet technique, and today I am happy to share a new design with you. Good news for those who enjoyed the Archway Square, as the new pattern is also a large brioche square which can be turned into an infinity stitch pattern. I named it Blomma, as it reminds me of the flower. 

Blomma Square brioche crochet pattern is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE with an introductory discount of 20% which will expire on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. The price you see now is a discounted one, and no codes are needed. 

Lately, every time I start working on a new project, I say to myself it should be a beginner-friendly one. Not in the way it looks or how it is constructed, but in a way how the stitch pattern flows, and how this is reflected in the written instructions.

It means that the crochet design which looks intricate would necessarily be difficult to make. I sometimes get messages from the beginning designers asking about my own designing process. Of course, everything (and always) starts with inspiration. In a burnt-out mode, it is not easy to design something unique and appealing. 

Basically, the easier the design process goes, the more chances are that the result will be great. And if you are stuck from the beginning, it often means something is wrong and creative spirit is blocked at some point. And then it is better to leave the idea aside and create something else. 

I never draw sketches beforehand. Usually there is a rough idea inside my head, but I prefer to draw with yarn right away. So, the beginning of every design of mine always starts with a ball of yarn and a hook, late in the evening, in front of the TV. 

Somehow the first rows or rounds with simple stitches bring in a certain mood, and slowly after each new round the idea becomes clearer. The designing process does involve lots of frogging and remaking. It would be ambitious to think that genius stitch patterns come to the world on the first try. 

And when I say genius, I mean the stitch patterns which are perfect regarding maths, with perfect stitch counts and repeats, which are easy to write down. And the last is probably the most important in the crochet design, for me at least. Which makes the pattern doable for crocheters with different skill levels.

Of course, not all my crochet designs are “genius” in that way, but with every new project I am trying to get closer to this ideal and make written instructions as easy to follow as possible. Brioche crochet is one of those techniques which look extremely intricate, and not even doable. 

But Archway Square proved that crafters with advanced beginner skills can handle the pattern. Basically, the required minimum level is to know how to do basic crochet stitches. And the rest is only about their placement, which is explained in the pattern. 

If you did Archway Square, then no doubts that Blomma Square is right for you. And if this is your first time with brioche crochet, an introductory video is waiting for you in the pattern explaining basics of technique and showing first rounds of the pattern to bring you into the right flow. And then the pattern also contains progress pictures for all the rounds. 

The Blomma Square consists of 49 rounds, and with Scheepjes Softfun yarn (DK weight) it will make a perfectly sized front decoration for a ready-made fabric pillowcase. And if you want to experiment with the infinity looks, stop the pattern after any even round, and join small squares with an invisible technique (explained in the pattern). 

For my pillow, I made four squares with 30 rounds, and the final joined large square is about 60cm. 

Esther Schippers, who helped me with testing, decided to make a smaller one and stopped after 24 rounds on her squares. And ta-da! Here is a totally different look. 

And Laura Jackson turned her Blomma Squares into a cute and stylish handbag. Check her Ravelry project page to learn more about the colors she used and how she assembled everything. 

Get your own copy of the Blomma Square pattern on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE and unlock your creativity. 

Hope you enjoy! 


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  1. I enjoy making your creations now for many years and always wanted to say how much I admire your art! Thank you so much for sharing!


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