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Spring is finally getting here, and in quite an unusual way. It’s been cold and windy for weeks, and then suddenly the sun came out with almost summer temperatures. Guess we will not have a chance to wear mid-season clothes and will need to jump into the summer dresses and shirts right away. And then, I thought, maybe it is time to create some new accessories. So, this is how the Seeds Clutch came to life. 

The crochet pattern is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE and you can enjoy a 20% introductory discount through Monday, April 8th, 2024. You do not have to enter any codes, as the pattern is discounted already. 

Or you can get an e-Book with two Seeds patterns with even a bigger saving on Ravelry HERE.

After walking in circles and making blankets, and pillows, and shawls, and sweaters, and blankets again, I suddenly felt an urge for a change. 

Being a crochet designer for almost 10 years now, I have probably tried everything (except of interlocking and Tunisian crochet, making lace doilies, and probably lots of other techniques and projects). But anyway, after 10 years of designing and almost 40 years of crocheting, it still does feel like I tried everything. And something new was needed to keep my creative spirit alive.

So, I thought about making a clutch. With metal closure and fabric lining. This idea sounded like a challenge, as I am not experienced with bag making and especially with lining sewing. But well, I just love to challenge myself! 

In my early designing days, I created a couple of crochet handbags with round shapes. I still think they are cute, and I am proud of these designs, but this time I was looking for a different shape. 

It all started with finding the right frame. There are lots of different types of bag frames on the market, but the metal tube one appealed the most to me. It does not require sewing skills, it is easy to install, and it looks effective and modern, too. 

I found my frames on Amazon, but you can also find them in your local craft shop, maybe. This type of the frame is sometimes called “a doctor bag frame”. 

It has a clean design without additional closure, and stays closed well. The curved aluminium parts have a silver color, but the bending mechanism on both sides can differ in color and be silver, golden, or even copper. So please have it in mind while searching for the right frame for yourself. 

But on the other hand, it is almost entirely hidden under fabric, so you can hardly see it. 

Next step was to find the right yarn, and I have chosen Scheepjes Mighty which is a natural jute blend yarn, a little stiff and I thought it would help the clutch keep its shape well. 

You can find Mighty yarn in your local Scheepjes store, and if you are in the US or Canada, you can order a complete kit for the Seeds Clutch in two sizes from Taemombo yarn shop. The kit includes yarn, bag frame and chain strap. 

The designing itself and creating the seeds stitch pattern was fun, and I knew from the very beginning how I wanted the clutch to look. I used the same ribbed technique, which you have probably seen (or tried) with Astrid Shawl. It is very simple and uses only single crochet stitches in back loops. 

Because creating Seeds Clutch was a designing challenge for me, I have recorded many short videos to guide you through every step. This pattern is the most supported with videos and I am safe to say that crochet beginners will handle it. For sure! 

More than that, I have also recorded a detailed video tutorial about how to sew the lining for a Seeds Clutch. All by hand. Without using a sewing machine. I am amazed myself how the lining looks (you will never guess it was sewn by hand), and I am very proud of myself. 

And you know what? If I could do it, then anyone else can do it as well. 

Because I liked the Seeds stitch pattern so much, I have decided to use it for another project, too. I have designed a pillow, but the same stitch pattern can be easily adjusted for a blanket, or a scarf, or any other project with a rectangular shape. And it is reversible too! 

The Seeds Pillow is available as a stand-alone pattern on Etsy HERE and Ravelry HERE. And if you would like to get both patterns from a Seeds collection, you can purchase an e-Book on Ravelry HERE with even bigger saving. 

Hope you enjoy! 


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  1. Dear Tatsiana, thank you very much for all your fantastic modells! Have a nice weekend - with love: Marianne from Budapest


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