Kamala Blanket: new crochet-a-long

If you are a blanket person, then I have something exciting for you. A new crochet-a-long is here! 


Kamala Blanket was inspired by a single square designed several years ago. I have made a few pillowcases using this pattern, but the textured flower design was too beautiful not to turn it into a blanket. The flower with fragile petals reminded me of a Kamala flower, and this is where the blanket’s name comes from. 

Being a simple construction of squares and border, the Kamala Blanket offers lots of interest regarding stitching and texture. And no doubt you will not be bored making it. 

The blanket is big! It measures approx. 130 cm x 160 cm/ 51¼ in x 63 in, after blocking. 


Where to get the pattern 

Kamala Blanket consists of two patterns: A Different Granny Square and Kamala Border. You can grab a complete e-book with everything you need to make a blanket via our website HERE

 However, you can also purchase both patterns separately on Ravelry and Etsy (discover the links below). 

Of course, as a stand-alone pattern, Kamala Border can be used for any other project of your choice. You will just need to adjust the stitch counts to start the border (everything explained in instructions). 

 A Different Granny Square: Ravelry, Etsy 

Kamala Border: Ravelry, Etsy 

If you previously purchased A Different Granny Square, you should have received an updated version which was added to your library. And if you have the pattern from Etsy, please check an introduction file for how to put a blanket together, as there you will see yarn amounts and placement of the colors for every round of the square. 

Materials and yarn amounts 

The Kamala Blanket comes in three colorways: Stained Glass, Sand and Blossom

All three use Softfun yarn by Scheepjes which has been one of our absolute favourite. It is a cotton and acrylic blend, very soft. It also has just the right thickness for a medium size hook, which makes the crochet relatively fast and enjoyable. 

Not to mention, the Softfun yarn does not split at all and is easy to care for. I have made several cushions with this yarn, and after years of hard-wear and washing they still are the perfect shape and look. 

As for the previous CAL’s, this time we have also collaborated with Laura Jackson (aka @taemombo), who created her own colorway for the blanket and made one of the samples. 

 And Esther Schippers, who helped with testing, thought of a Blossom colorway for her blanket. 

You can either choose one of our ready colorways, or you can pick your own colors to match your taste the best. Luckily, Softfun yarn comes in 90+ gorgeous colors, and you can also combine regular solid shades with Denim and Aquarel lines. 

If you are in the USA or Canada, you can purchase a ready yarn kit from Laura’s shop HERE. You can also have a look at other colors and get yarn in your nearest Scheepjes shop or via online retailers: Wool Warehouse (UK, international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe). 

What is CAL (crochet-a-long) and how to join 

As with the previous large projects, we have decided to host a Kamala Blanket as a CAL. 

Crochet-a-long means that crafters from different parts of the world are making the same project at the same time. Usually, the CALs are hosted on a weekly basis, with new portions of instructions released every week. 

However, with the Kamala Blanket we have decided to host a relaxed CAL allowing everyone to work at their own path. After purchasing the patterns, you will right away have all the instructions you need. You can begin at any time, and you can make as much progress every week as you wish. 

The CAL means that we will have a space in our Facebook group, where you can share your pictures, give advice, and ask for help. 

If you are not in a group yet, please join it, and do not forget to answer the simple question upon signing up. The approving process is automated, and without answering the question you will not be let in. 


We officially begin on May 24th, 2024 to allow enough time for getting all materials. But you can start right away, of course! 

Hope you will join us on this journey. 


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