Gaudi Pillow - Geometry & Texture MAL

Welcome to the next part of the Geometry & Texture mystery make-a-long. If you missed the previous release, check all information about this event HERE on my blog. And read details about the Early Waves Cowl HERE. Also do not forget to check out the gorgeous Rödön Pillow from Martin Up North which he released as the first mystery design from his pattern pack last week. 

Today’s design is the Gaudi Pillow, named after and inspired by the work of the famous Catalan architect Antonio Gaudi. 

The first time I heard about him was at the art course we had at high school. I was fascinated by Gaudi’s talent and architecture. Many years later, in Vienna, I bought an album with pictures of his buildings. And kept hoping I could see the mind-blowing Sagrada Família one day. 

My dream came true last September. My friend suggested we could go to Barcelona for a few days, and I felt like the excitement was going to explode in my heart. I refreshed all my memories about Gaudi’s artistic work, I bought all possible entrance tickets online and two weeks in advance. And I simply could not wait! 

And the wait for almost all my adult life was worth it. I fell in love again. 

Antonio Gaudi was searching for inspiration in the shapes and forms of nature. And my pillow was inspired by the curvy lines of his famous fairy towers on the roof of La Pedrera-Casa Milà

Gaudi pillow uses embossed crochet technique with front and back post stitches. The pattern is straightforward, however some places might be tricky. But do not worry. I have recorded a full video tutorial for this pattern (you will find the link inside pillow’s instructions). 

I have made one square in approx. 50cm/21in and stitched it by hand onto the ready fabric pillowcase in the same size. The pattern is fully adaptable, and you can use the same stitch pattern for the project in any width and length. Saying that, I mean it will also make a great textured blanket. 

For one square I used around 2.5 balls of Scheepjes Scrumptious yarn, so for two sides (if you wish to make your pillow double-sided), you will need 5 balls of this yarn. Of course, you choose a different DK yarn, your yardages will be different. 

You will find Scrumptious yarn in your nearest local Scheepjes shop, or via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK&worldwide), Carosatelier* (NL&Europe), Taemombo* (US&Canada).

Ceiling in Sagrada Familia (Barcelona)

If you are participating in the MAL already, the new file has been added to your Ravelry library (please, refresh it). And if you would like to join now, you will find Geometry & Texture MAL listing HERE. You will only pay once, and will receive all 3 patterns (the last pattern will be released in two weeks)

Rödön Pillow by Martin Up North

Make sure to check Martin’s pattern pack on Ravelry HERE, too. Next week, he will reveal his next mystery project. And I am quite sure you will like it 😊 I was lucky to get an early sneak peek, so I might show you my progress next Friday, on the day of his release. I will share my picture in Facebook group HERE, where we are officially hosting our make-a-long together with Martin. 

So, see you next Friday! 


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Early Waves Cowl – Geometry & Texture MAL

Hello and welcome to the first part of the Geometry & Texture make-a-long. As we probably know, we have teamed up with Martin Up North to bring you six exclusive and never published before patterns in different crochet techniques. And today we begin with an Early Waves Cowl in slip stitch crochet. 

If you have no idea what Geometry & Texture MAL is about, please read the announcement post HERE. And you might also want to check mystery projects from previous years: Not a Christmas CAL in 2020 and Winter Scandi MAL in 2021. 

This year’s make-a-long was inspired by geometry shapes and texture of nature and architecture. I cannot tell what Martin is up to (you remember it’s a mystery, right?), as we will reveal all six patterns weekly one by one. But I can tell you the story behind the first project. 

Early Waves Cowl was inspired by the sea, the greatest love of mine. I believe everyone has a special place in their life, where they feel the power, where they come to relax, recharge and to find the way back to themselves. For me, such a place is a wooden beach in the Västra Hamnen quarter of Malmö, in Sweden. 

Not everything can be explained in words, but here I can stop and breathe. Here I can be myself. And no wonder, I come here every year (or even twice a year, if I am lucky), and always travel on my own.


By the way, the pictures for A Sea Story book were also taken here, at the beachside of Malmö. We will have a few dozen copies back in stock in a couple of weeks, but you can also download a digital version of the book from our website HERE

But let’s come back to the Early Waves Cowl. 

Imagine an early, foggy morning by the sea. No wind, pale yellow sun. Tiny gentle waves. This is what the Early Waves Cowl is about. 

I used Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn in two colors (2 and 3 balls), and the pattern consists of two panels. One is done in one color with brioche waves, and another panel is ribbed with tow-coloured stripes. 

You can find Terrazzo via your local Scheepjes shops, and via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro's Atelier* (NL and Europe), Taemombo (US and Canada).

As well as all other patterns from a Geometry & Mystery MAL, this cowl can be adjusted in width and length. You can make it wider, or shorter. And you can also use the stitch patterns for other projects, too. Think blankets, pillows, bags… anything! 

Just to remind you, all my 3 patterns for this mystery MAL can be found on Ravelry HERE (you pay once, and each new pattern will be added to your Ravelry library every other week). 

And if you want a complete collection with all 6 patterns, you will also need to grab a MAL listing from Martin Up North HERE

That’s all I wanted to share with you today. Hope you will have fun with the Early Waves Cowl pattern. And do not forget to visit Martin’s blog next Friday to see what he has prepared for you. 


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Geometry & Texture Mystery make-a-long: Announcement

It has become a good tradition to host a mystery make-a-long (MAL) annually, and this year is not an exception. We’ve already had Not A Christmas MAL two years ago and Winter Scandi MAL last year. But this year’s project is a special one! We have teamed up with Martin Up North to bring you six brand-new and exclusive patterns. Please, welcome a Geometry & Texture make-a-long

What is this MAL about 

As you can already understand from the name, all projects are themed with geometry and texture, and you will get a chance to try your hand in mosaic, overlay, embossed and slip stitch crochet techniques. The patterns will include wearable accessories and home decorations, but you can easily adjust stitch patterns for a variety of other projects. 

Who are the designers

Geometry & Texture MAL will be hosted by me (Lilla Bjorn Crochet) and Martin Up North. If you are not familiar with his work, make sure to check out his website HERE. Martin lives up north in Sweden, and he is a huge nature lover. His pictures of the Northern Lights and wild animals are breathtaking, as well as his crochet designs.

We have a little different crochet styles, but similar aesthetics and vision. And we are both very excited about this make-a-long. A lot of work has been secretly done behind the scenes, and we can't wait to share our patterns with you.

Where to find the patterns 

Geometry & Texture MAL has not started yet, and a pre-order is running right now. To get access to all 6 patterns, you will need to purchase MAL listings on Ravelry from both designers separately (links below). Martin and I have created 3 patterns each. And you can either purchase both listings with 6 patterns in total, or choose just one designer, receiving 3 mystery patterns.

Lilla Bjorn's patterns are HERE

Martin’s Up North patterns are HERE 

What you will need

Martin and I used specific Scheepjes yarns for our projects, but you can absolutely use up your stash. You can either pick the yarns in similar weigh, or experiment and use heavier or lighter yarns. There are no strict rules and yarns quantities. Of course, if you decide to make exactly the same projects as we did, you will receive a complete list of colors and yardages. But as already mentioned above, the stitch patterns from each project can be also used for something else. 

EDIT: because of many requests about yarn information, I decided to reveal yarn amounts used for my mystery projects. 

Project 1:  Scheepjes Terrazzo*. Yarn A x 3 balls, Yarn B x 2 balls

Project 2: Scheepjes Scrumptious*. One color x 3 balls

Project 3: Scheepjes Catona*. Leftovers in different colors

When does the MAL begin

The first pattern will be added to your Ravelry library on November 11th, 2022. And then a new pattern will be revealed every Friday. The patterns will be offered at a reduced price during the time of the MAL through December 31st, 2022. You do not need any codes, as the price is discounted already and will be updated to a full price after the end of the MAL. 

Official support for the MAL 

Official support for this MAL will be offered in my Facebook group HERE where we will be happy to see all your pictures! Join now our friendly community with 33K+ members. Please, be aware that you will have to answer a simple question upon a sing up. Without answering, your request will not be approved. 

Hope you join! And enjoy! 



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For Them Sweater

I have been experimenting with different crochet techniques all my life. My kind of designing career started in early childhood when I was making weird clothes and accessories for my dolls, and also myself. And when I decided to start designing professionally and turn it into my daily job, I took overlay and mosaic crochet techniques onboard. But you live, you learn. There are still a lot of things and tricks you can learn. And today I would like to introduce you something I have never done before. Please, welcome – For Them Sweater. 

You can find the pattern on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE and enjoy a 20% introductory discount through Monday, October 10th, 2022. No codes needed; the price has been discounted already. 

For Them Sweater is a top-down garment, and I always opt for this version because it is very easy to adjust as-you-go for your own body shape, and length for the lower body and sleeves. But if all my previous garments were worked from top in rows or rounds, the yoke for this sweater is done horizontally, from side to side using slip stitch crochet technique. 

As you can see in the pictures, and what is hopefully clear from the name, For Them Sweater is a unisex garment perfect both for men and women. I also designed two yoke options which you can choose from. One is curly with leaves and another one is more graphical with “arrows” as I called them. In my opinion, both yoke designs are both male and female, but it is always nice to have a choice. 

I made three samples myself: two with Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn, and one more short-sleeved sweater with Scheepjes Bamboo Soft. These yarns are different in weight (DK and Sport/Fingering), but as you can see, both worked just fine. 

You can find all yarn mentioned in this blog post in your local Scheepjes shop, or via online retailers which ship internationally (affiliate links): Wool Warehouse (UK & worldwide), Caro's Atelier (NL & Europe), Taemombo (US & Canada).

The pattern is written specifically for DK yarn with an exact gauge in mind, but you can absolutely use a smaller yarn and hook (like I did, and some of my testers). You will just need to follow the pattern’s recommendations carefully, make accurate measurements and adjust stitch counts for your own gauge (with a smaller hook you will obviously get more stitches in 10cm/4in). And if you do not want to do any additional maths, just choose the DK yarn and follow the pattern exactly as written. 

If you make a search for slip stitch crochet, you will find quite a few wonderful examples done by other designers. This, in fact, simple way of crochet is very effective and resembles brioche knitting. And you would probably agree with me that it is always nice to achieve something like knit fabric but using just a normal crochet hook. 

I have studied the patterns of other designers, but in the end decided to simplify everything and make my own pattern as easy as possible. So, if you are familiar with the slip stitch crochet already, my interpretation might seem a bit different from what you are used to. I am using only general slip stitches and single crochet stitches (all in US terms) and work them in back loops only. 

I do not introduce any complicated additional stitches, and instructions for every row are amazingly short. You only need to follow them carefully and maybe mark already done rows in the pattern, as it is very easy to overlook something. 

Because this technique is new to me, I have recorded several short video tutorials to accompany For Them Sweater pattern. In these videos I explain the sweater’s construction, how to choose the correct size, how to do slip stitch crochet (in my way and showing first rows of the pattern), how to adjust the yoke for your own body, how to make measurements and keep the gauge under control and give more helpful tips to make sure the sweater will fit you just fine. 

My testers team did an amazing job for this pattern. Their notes and comments helped me to improve the pattern and clear up all tiny spots which could otherwise confuse you. Usually, I make a collage with testers’ work, but all their sweaters are so wonderful, that I decided to showcase them all here, on by one. 

Esther Schippers chose Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn and made a lovely sweater for her husband.

Elizabeth Garcia Kalka used Scheepjes Bamboo Soft yarn in purple shade and made a sweater for her son (in his favourite color). 

For Sandra Veneman this sweater became a real “for them” garment as it perfectly fits herself and her husband. She also chose Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn in same color as Esther did but using Yoke 1 option.

 Taylor O’Shea went for a short-sleeved top using Scheepjes Bamboo Soft yarn. 

Loele van den Bergh made an oversized sweater for herself with Scheepjes Terrazzo and Yoke 1 option.

Laura Jackson picked a wonderful cream shade of Scheepjes Metropolis yarn and created a gentle sweater for herself. 

Jenna Bowers also decided in favour of Scheepjes Metropolis and made a slightly oversized sweater for her husband.

Lisa Marlow was using Scheepjes Terrazzo and made a fantastic outdoor garment for her husband. 

How cool are all those sweaters? I can’t stop looking at them. If you would like to know more details about the yarns our testers team did and sizing, please check their project pages on Ravelry. 

You can find For Them Sweater pattern on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE and enjoy a 20% introductory discount through Monday, October 10th, 2022. No codes needed; the price has been discounted already. 

 Hope you enjoy. 


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Stella Mandala: new overlay crochet pattern

Are you looking for a new gem to your mandala collection? Here it is! Let me introduce a Stella Mandala. It uses overlay crochet which might look intricate at the first glance, but instructions are easy to follow thanks to lots of progress pictures in the pattern. But I am happy to say that all testers successfully finished their mandalas even without the pictures. 

A Stella Mandala crochet pattern uses overlay technique

I will never be tired of repeating that overlay mandala brought me to the world of crochet design 8 years ago. I first learned overlay crochet with the patterns from other designers, and then dared to design the first mandala myself. 

Quite a few mandalas have been created since then, and I still come back to this shape again and again. As I find something very relaxing and satisfying about crocheting a mandala. 

Stella Mandala came to life unplanned. The other evening, I felt like playing with new Terrazzo yarn from Scheepjes. I received several colorful balls as a gift and had nothing special in mind. I am often asked about my creative process, so this was just one of the typical evenings. I picked up the hook, the yarn and simply started adding round after round. 

Overlay crochet technique

The pattern for Stella Mandala is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE and is offered with 20% discount through Monday, August 1st, 2022. There is no code needed, as the discount has already been applied to the price. After this date, the pattern will be listed at a regular price. 

Overlay crochet is like painting with yarn. Even though the colors are changed on every round, it looks like the change happens after every few stitches. That because the long, complex stitches are added on top of the background, usually worked with single crochet stitches in back loops only. 

So basically, the base and the textured stitching are growing at the same time. And I cannot find a better word than “magic” to describe this process. 

I am very happy with how the Stella Mandala turned out. And it’s probably one of my favourite mandala designs up to date. It was a pure joy to make, and not only for me, but also for my lovely testers team. Some even made several mandalas in a row. Addictive! 

I have created two mandala samples, one with Scheepjes Terrazzo* yarn and one with Scheepjes Metropolis*. Terrazzo version ended up being a bit bigger, as the yarn itself is slightly thicker than Metropolis (40cm/15¾in against 48cm/18¾in). But both mandalas are in generous size, and can be used as wall hangings, chair pads, place mats or pillows (if you join two mandalas together). 

You can check the colors and yarn amounts on Ravelry and Etsy.

As already mentioned, testers have enjoyed this project and here is the proof – a wonderful gallery of the colorful masterpieces created by Elizabeth Kalka, Loele van den Bergh, Macarena Marskell, Esther Schippers, Sarah Fabbri, Laura Jackson and Ruth Bracey. It's amazing what a different color combination can do to an entire look of the mandala. They are all different, and all equally beautiful, aren't they?

And here is a little feedback from the testers they left on their Ravelry project pages (I'm blown away, thank you!).

Macarena Marskell:

The intricate designs are so easy to follow, giving you a fantastic sense of achievement. Love the colour possibilities with this mandala and how you can make it totally yours.  

Sarah Fabbri: 

This pattern was a BLAST! . . no complicated stitches, just grows row by row into an incredible kaleidoscopic wonder. Very fun.

I think I will make one more mandala in either Metropolis or Terrazzo yarn and turn them into a pillow throw. If you wonder where to find the round pillow foam in a custom size, this post might be helpful (spoiler – you can create a pillow foam yourself). 


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