Grey in Bloom: yarn review

As a member of Scheepjes Bloggers group I am receiving samples of different yarns to try, test, play with and maybe to design something. I have been keeping an eye on Bloom yarn for quite a long time and first used it for Minimalist Cabled Mandala potholders. Since then my inspiration about using this yarn was a bit silent. Until recently, when I suddenly got an idea of a small but practical bathroom accessory. And Bloom yarn was just the right choice for this project (which will stay a secret for a while, but I promise to reveal it very soon!).
Bloom from Scheepjes - yarn review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet
So, Bloom… It is 100% cotton, but not just that “ordinary” yarn you are probably used to. It is spun in a very special way – around, which helps it to be very light and at the same time prevents from splitting. I was trying very hard to make as clear close-up picture as possible so that you see its structure. In fact it is a tube “knitted” with stockiette stitch. Very interesting.
Bloom from Scheepjes - yarn review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

Bloom is a very strong yarn. I cannot imagine the cases when it can be torn… It is impossible to break it with hands, and it makes this yarn even more durable. I normally hand wash all crocheted items but I would not be afraid at all to use machine wash for this yarn.

Not being a mercerized cotton, Bloom has a very nice natural gloss, and the crocheted fabric turns out to be stretchy. As any other cotton yarn, Bloom is hyperallergenic and can become a wonderful substitute to wool or wool blend.

Because of not very long yardage (this yarn comes in 50g/80m balls and in 28 gorgeous shades – each inspired by a flower) you will probably need many skeins for a large project. But at the same time this yardage works very good for small accessories, as you can purchase exact amount of yarn you need not worrying about many leftovers. Bloom yarn is available at a range of prices between 2.59£–2.79£ per skein HERE on Wool Warehouse* and HERE on Deramores* – both retailers ship orders internationally, HERE at Paradise Fibers* (US) or in local Scheepjes shops.
Bloom from Scheepjes - yarn review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

It is recommended to use 5mm crochet hook to work with Bloom, but for my own project I chose a smaller (4mm) one, because I wanted to achieve an effect of very dense fabric. You can see an example of my Minimalist Cabled Mandala potholder in a picture below (this pattern is available in my Etsy and Ravelry stores).
Minimalist Cabled Mandala potholder - crochet pattern by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

But larger hook will for sure work better if you want your crocheted piece to be more “open” and draping better. Kimberly Slifer (from Just a Girl and a Hook) used it for her I Love This Bag CAL, and I like the definitions of her stitches very much. By the way this pattern is free and you can find it HERE on Ravelry.
I Love this Bag CAL by Kimberly Slifer
Photo credit: Kimberly Slifer (Just a Girl and a Hook)

Which kind of project is Bloom yarn suitable for? Because it is sturdy and quite thick, I would probably not use it for garment, with an exception of solid coats. Light weight is a huge advantage of this yarn: you can create a big project but it will not weight too much. This is the reason why Bloom can also be used for blankets. But they will not have a soft and cozy effect. In my opinion, this yarn is just great for different kinds of interior accessories - pillows, organizers and even rugs (though be sure to always use an anti-slip fabric or sprays, as rugs may be very slippery).
Bloom from Scheepjes - yarn review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

For my new project I chose two shades of grey: 421 (Old Lily) and 422 (Grey Thistle). Have a look at Bloom colour chart* and make your own floral composition!
Bloom from Scheepjes - yarn review by Lilla Bjorn Crochet

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