Last Dance on the Beach. Week 4: Sailing through the waves

Today is week 4 of Scheepjes 2016 CAL – Last Dance on the Beach, featuring a wonderful square design by Atty from Atty’s. This square is one of my favourite – with two layers of crochet fabric and amazing structure. I was patiently waiting for its release and was so “hungry” to start making it at once, that it didn’t take long before all 4 squares were finished. Oh, and if you missed week 3 (with my Sunset in the Waves square) you can find it HERE.
Week 4 by Atty - Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach
You can download the pattern HERE and also check video tutorial by Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell HERE.

Atty is a wonderful designer with a very unique style (she is a lovely person, too. I was very lucky to get acquainted with her in person on Scheepjes Bloggers Day). If you haven’t heard of her before – make sure to check her blog with lots and lots of free patterns. I am not sure I would have the patience myself to make all those small colorful motifs and to weave all yarn tails in, and join them together. But if someone would make Atty’s flower scarf for me, with her colors – I would be the happiest in the world!
Flower Scarf with leftovers - free crochet pattern by Atty's
Photo credit: Atty's

Today’s square has a very clear meaning. It represents the waves. But at the same time, as Atty mentions on her blog in a letter to Wink – the waves symbolize the life cycles, with their ups and downs. We all have different periods in our lives. Sometimes they are very tough, and difficult to come through. But when I look at Atty’s square, I imagine that after every deepest “down” there will be for sure the highest “up”. And we just need to find inner sources to cope with temporary problems.

Week 4 by Atty - Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach

As in the previous weeks I was a bit struggling with the gauge on the first square. I am a pretty tight crocheter, I always choose the smaller hook than recommended on the yarn label. So for me it is not very easy to obtain correct tension every week. The first square became a bit smaller than it should be. And even blocking didn’t help. But I didn’t give up and just started to crochet looser than usually. And ta-dah, my gauge is where it should be. I am not sure I will remake the first square… At least not now. :)

If you have never worked in back and front loops, this design might seem tricky, but don’t worry. It is not difficult at all. You can check THIS post about crocheting in back and front loops, with several progress pictures. And hopefully they will help you to understand the idea.

And here is my Dance in the Rain blanket so far! I chose custom colors (just excluded browns and whites from the kit) and still very happy with this decision.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 (Last Dance on the Beach) - first four motifs are done. Looks great so far!

I am using Merino Soft yarn and Amour Clover hook 4.5mm*. If you also would like to create your custom palette – you can have a look at color chart and pick your shades at Wool Warehouse*, Deramores* (both retailers ship orders internationally), Paradise Fibers* (US) or in local Scheepjes shop (NL and BE). There are also ready kits available for purchase (with Merino Soft and Colour Crafter yarns) – you can read more details about them HERE.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 (Last Dance on the Beach) - first four motifs are done. Looks great so far!

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  1. Which colours are you using, I'm not keen on the Browns in the kit either?

    1. I am using all blue and greay shades from Dancing in the Rain kit: 603 (11 skeins), 613 (5 skeins), 604 (5 skeins), 610 (6 skeins), 612 (6 skeins), 605 (6 skeins).

    2. Thanks - I was going to still use the white shades, definitely not use 607. I was thinking of substituting that with either 614 or 616, what do you think? Do you think either of those would work well? Also I'm not too sure about 606 as I've only seen it online it's difficult to tell how brown it is or if it's cream?

    3. I am very sorry but I am not sure I can help you here. It's all about personal taste and preferences. And what I think can work - you might not like in the end. I agree it is very difficult to choose colors online, as they may differ a lot from what you will see in the real life. But what I think you should do - is to balance light and dark shades. If the majority of your shades will be dark with only several white squares - that might not look good. But again, this is just about personal tastes. :) Just follow your heart!


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