WIP: Crochet Project with Needles

My new project with Bloom yarn by Scheepjes is growing every day. I am still not disappointed with colors, and still think that grey was a great choice. I’ve changed my mind about the crochet stitch a few times, and finally decided to stick with this version. I made up this crochet stitch myself, but if it exists already (because you never know…) and you know its name – I will be happy to hear that. Please, comment on this post below.
Bloom yarn by Scheepjes

Last week I published a review about Bloom yarn by Scheepjes (read it HERE), which is 100% cotton and has a very interesting structure. I still like working with it and in my opinion the definition of the stitches is very good. I am using 4mm hook for my new design, which is too small for this exact yarn. But from the very beginning I wanted to get very dense fabric. So for me this size of the hook works just perfect.
Tulip crochet stitch

Bloom is available for purchase via Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* (both with international shipping), via Paradise Fibers* (US) and local Scheepjes shops.

Bloom  - 100% cotton yarn by Scheepjes

As you can see in the pictures, I am also using needles for this project. For what reason? I will not tell you yet. I am so bad at keeping secrets, but I need to practice. But you probably can guess from the pictures. And I can only tell you it will be a bathroom organizer. :) And that it will be a FREE pattern very soon published here, on my blog.
Crochet project with needles - Lilla Bjorn Crochet

This post is a little bit short, as crochet is keeping all my attention. I need to finish a few designs, and write the patterns down… So, I am off to my crochet again.

See you next week!!!

UPDATE: the pattern is available HERE.

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  1. Love the stitch definition! Beautiful shades of grey too :) x Carmen

    1. Thank you Carmen! Bloom yarn is not soft to work with, so I needed a little bit of time to get used to it and to regulate the gauge. And now I am very pleased with how it turned out. This is just perfect tension, yarn and stitch for my project :)

  2. IT looks beautiful so far. Also curious about the needles, but I'll keep my curiosity to myself!! 🌸 Looking forward to the pattern. Love from South Africa

    1. Thank you Amanda! I will reveal my bathroom organizer later this week. So not so long to wait :)

  3. I think you have a beautifull blog.
    I follow you now on Bloglovin
    With warm wishes

    1. Hi Manon! thank you! I am happy you like it here :) I also hope you will fins some useful crochet tips on my blog.

  4. beautiful so far, i like the stitch and i'm curious to see the final result


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