Scheepjes CAL 2016. Week 3: “Sunset in the Waves”

Hello and welcome to my blog! Today I feel lots of responsibility as my blog is hosting Scheepjes CAL 2016 “Last Dance on the Beach”. We have already visited Esther from Happy in Red and Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak. And I can’t wait to introduce you Square 3 which I called “Sunset in the Waves”.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - Week 3 - Lilla Bjorn Crochet

When I first was contacted with an offer to participate in this project I didn’t hesitate a single second. I just knew I want to be a part of it. This CAL is filled with many feelings. It’s about Marinke Slump (aka Wink from A Creative Being) and her creative life. It’s a celebration of her talent. During the last months of her life she had been working on a new design which was supposed to become a new CAL. Her idea was to create a solid blanket made of squares – each with a new crochet stitch used. Wink wanted to create a kind of space for educational adventure, to work with different structures and textures, and to teach different crochet techniques. I saw a picture of a sample Marinke left with some cabling involved. And I decided to develop this in my own design. You can download the pattern HERE.
Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - Week 3 - Lilla Bjorn Crochet

If this is the first time you hear about Scheepjes CAL 2016 – please, check THIS post with all general information. And HERE you can find the description of the kits available for purchase (though, of course, you can create your own color combination!). All yarns are available via Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* (both ship orders internationally), Paradise Fibers* (US) and in local Scheepjes shops.

So here is what I’ve come up with. This square uses a lot of front post stitches. If you haven’t worked with them before, they might seem very tricky and maybe scary at the first glance. But in fact these are just “normal” crochet stitches, but attached in a bit different way. Instead of inserting the hook under two loops on the top of each stitch, you will work some of them around the post (vertical part). 
How to make front post stitches

Esther from It’s All In A Nutshell has made fantastic, very detailed and clear video's (check them HERE) which will guide you through each and every stitch made in this square. So please, take your time, grab a cup of coffee, tea or maybe wine, relax (try not to work late at night as Esther’s voice is soooo soothing and you can easily fall asleep) and just enjoy your adventure!
Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - Week 3 - Lilla Bjorn Crochet

As mentioned above, I used front post stitches to design my square, and also clusters. As I imagined it, front post stitches would form textured waves, and clusters would be the “suns” slowly going down into the waves. For the first time in my life I saw a sunset by the sea last year, in Belgium. It was amazingly beautiful!..

So what is important to know about this square? 

I understand there is probably lots of information here, but please take your time to read it through.

  • For my blanket I use Merino Soft yarn in custom colors. I am "dancing in the rain" but without browns and whites. Because they don't really fit the interior of my living room. I also use Amour Clover hook 4.5mm*.

  • The first row is made on the wrong side. This is important to know for understanding the chart. So all rows on right side are read from left to right.
  • You will see “sdc” abbreviation in the pattern. It is just ordinary double crochet stitch (UK term), but the hook is inserted between two stitches of the previous row under all three loops (instead of two, as you usually work it). I chose this stitch on purpose, because it helps to avoid “ridge” on the right side. And your work will look neat.
Special double crochet stitch (UK term)
  • When you make front post stitches, please, try to make them to the height of the working row. They should not be too tight or too loose. Because it may lead to a deformation of the square shape. In the picture below you can see what is the difference between wrong and right tension. And please, remember about your gauge in general. It should fit the test swatch which you have probably made. If not, please also check THIS tips&tricks document.
 Front post stitches in crochet and correct tension
  • Front post stitches “overlay” the stitches of a previous row, that’s why stitches behind front post stitches must be skipped (!!). It is necessary for a correct stitch count. So every time you make 2 front post stitches – you should skip 2 stitches behind them. Esther did a great job explaining it in the video. Just follow her instructions carefully. And counting stitches after every row will help a lot. Then you will know for sure if you worked each row correctly or not.
  • And the last important thing is that ch1/ch2 in the beginning of each row DON’T count as a stitch. I used them only as turning chains to make the edge straight and neat.
 And here is a small tip from me about how to prevent holes while crocheting around the square:

When you make an edge, try to insert the hook “inside” the stitches, and not just under them. And try to avoid inserting the hook under one loop only, because in the process of blocking these single loops are pulling too much, and as the result you can get visible holes on the edges.

Scheepjes CAL 2016 - Last Dance on the Beach - Week 3 - Lilla Bjorn Crochet

Seems like that’s all I wanted to share with you… This week’s square will require lots of your attention and concentration. Please, take your time and be patient. And I am sure you will like the result and will be proud of yourself! See you on Facebook in Scheepjes CAL and Shceepjes CAL – International groups.

Update: week 4 square by a talented Atty was already released and you can find it HERE

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  1. I love it and your idea of sunset in the waves - thank you SO much Tatsiana for doing this. I have been looking forward to your square.

  2. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to get started and the pattern is easy to follow. 1st I gotta make some more stars :)

  3. Looking forward to trying this after work tonight. Thank you x

  4. Tatsiana, your square is beautiful as we all knew it would be. Thank you, too, for the tips you offer--those are especially helpful. Can't wait to get started on your design. Judy

  5. Thank you so much.... Also this one fits to the other ones
    Greets Sofie, from Belgium

  6. Hi, I have finished my first of these blocks - great design, great tips, especially how to do the edges - I might redo my other blocks now. Also very moving because I remember reading somewhere that Wink said the next big thing in crochet was going to be crochet that looks like knitting. I tried to do something like that earlier this year, but gave up. But now, to me, this block looks exactly like cables and bobbles on an Aran knit sweater. So I thought about that as I made it.

  7. Beautiful! I'm loving this pattern and have finally mastered cables-something I've been trying for years to do! Thank you so so much!

  8. Thank you Tatsiana for this beautiful pattern of the Scheepjes Cal. It tooks me all day to make my first square, but I love love the outcome. After it's finished it will be a beautiful blanket and to my opinion your design is the most beautiful part of it. Marjo

  9. Thank you Tatsiana. I love this square and following the video with reading your comments, it was a pleasure to do. Ursula xxx

  10. I'm late to the CAL, just heard about it recently... But am already on week 3. I ADORE your pattern and find it so lovely to craft. A true joy! Thank you so very much!


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