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Are you fond of trying new yarns or are you rather stick to a certain type, composition or even a certain weight? I am an absolute introvert when it comes to yarns. I like to use what I know already, and when something new comes to my hands I feel like hiding it to a closet for the “better time”. This is what actually happened to Wanderlust. This yarn was released last year and I got a sample skein from Scheepjes to try it out. I received a Bangkok colorway. The colors were so bright and the color changes were so unexpected. And I simply couldn’t make my head around what I can use it for. One year has passed, and I finally got an idea!
Wanderlust by Scheepjes is 100% soft acrylic variegated yarn - review on

Well, to be honest I have used Wanderlust for another project which is a top secret yet, but I will publish a reveal soon. It was asking for a bright variegated yarn, and I suddenly remembered about Wanderlust peacefully sleeping in my closet.

Before I tell you more about new (and free) project I am currently working on, here are brief details about Wanderlust.

Wanderlust* is variegated 100% acrylic DK weight yarn by Scheepjes. It is very soft, and has a silky and glossy effect. I like how it is sliding on the hook, and I would recommend using at least 4 mm (G) hook*, or even larger,  together with this yarn. The twist is invisible (it feels like there is no twist at all) and changes of the colors are very gentle: one color runs into another smoothly and without “dead” ends.
Wanderlust by Scheepjes is 100% soft acrylic variegated yarn - review on

Wanderlust yarn comes in skeins 100g/232m (3.53 ounces/254 yards) and in 19 colorways. Each named after a famous city. You can have a look at a full range of colors and order this yarn in your local Scheepjes shops and via online retailers such as Wool Warehouse* (UK with international shipping), Caro’s atelier* (NL and Europe), Knotty House* (Canada).
Linen stitch blanket - free crochet pattern by

The greatest thing about any variegated yarn is that it’s self-patterning. And Wanderlust is not an exception.  It means you can choose one very simple stitch and enjoy relaxing crochet (or knitting) watching your favourite TV series or listening to a podcast and not being afraid to mess the pattern up.

I’ve had some leftovers of Amsterdam colorway from another project, and I tried them with a simple granny stitch. What do you think? Aren’t the colors gorgeous? Wouldn’t it make a perfect granny blanket?
Granny crochet stitch and variagated yarn.

Here are several examples of (free) patterns which use Wanderlust yarn:

1. Cherry Blossom Shawl(ette) by Nerissa of Miss Neriss.
2. Merry-go-round Blanket by Esther of It’s All In A Nutshell. Esther used different yarn for her sample, but no doubt this blanket will look perfect with Wanderlust.
3. I Love Herring Bone cowl by Tammy of Canadutch. I know her pattern has been tested already, so please, feel free to contact Tammy and ask her for the pattern ;-)
4. Yoga Cushion by Maria of 50 Shades of 4-ply
Round-up of crochet patterns using Wanderlust yarn by Scheepjes.

Yoga cushion - free crochet pattern by 50 shades of 4ply

And for my own project I decided to combine Wandelust together with Colour Crafter yarn* (also by Scheepjes). In my opinion they fit together perfectly! Not just because they are by the same brand, both acrylic and nearly in the same weight. But also because the shades of each yarn were named after the cities!! With Colour Crafter you can travel about the Netherlands! And with Wanderlust – all around the world. Fun, isn’t it?
Wanderlust by Scheepjes is 100% soft acrylic variegated yarn - review on

My new project is insanely simple. I wanted to support self-patterning effect of the variegated yarn and make it sing. Linen stitch was the perfect solution for this. I am still not sure how to finalize this project. At this point it’s pretty mindless, and I just follow what the yarns are telling me. But I hope it will turn out nicely…
Linen stitch blanket - free crochet pattern by

Come to my blog next week and maybe I will have a new pattern for you. ;-) and in a meanwhile please share in comments your thoughts about variegated yarns and which types of the projects are best for them, in your opinion.

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  1. I love to try new yarns and new weights and find new projects using those yarns. This post made me very much want to try out this yarn. I am looking forward to seeing other projects that you make with this yarn!

  2. I've used this yarn for a sweater, it was great to use and fabulous to wear. Can't wait to see the new pattern. I can't believe how amazingly productive you are!

  3. I'm trying remember what join was used for the Spirit shawls?I won't to use it for the blanket made with color crafter and wanderlust. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Monica, it was flat zip method. You can come back to Spirit pattern and have a look once again. All files are on my blog here.


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