Mindless Crochet: 20 fun and easy crochet projects

Summer is here! If I lived by the sea I would spend every single day on the beach. With crochet of course. The music of the waves and crochet would be such a relaxing combination! “Mindless” crochet projects with minimum counting are the best choice for this. I’ve rounded up 20 designs which in my opinion would work great for lazy summer days.

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1. Around the World blanket. This is a brand new design by me. It is finished already and I planned a pattern release for today. But unfortunately I haven’t managed to complete a photo tutorial yet, and release has been moved to the next week. But here is a sneak peek for you (and I am secretly in love with this blanket…) UPDATE: the pattern has been published already!!! Click the link to get it.
Around the World crochet blanket by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

2. Windy Morning Shawlette uses very easy stitch pattern with repetitive increases. Made with light cotton or heavy wool yarn it will become a wonderful accessory for summer or winter.
Windy Morning shawlette FREE crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com

3. Cozy Flowers Blanket by Cypress Textiles. Make all the two-round flower motifs at the beach, join when you get home. :)
Cozy Flowers Blanket FREE crochet pattern by Cypress Textiles

4. Trio Blanket by Felted Button. I LOVE it! The pattern uses one simple stitch and all the magic is done by Whirl yarn*.
Trio Blanket FREE crochet pattern by Felted Button

5. Diamond Stitch Blanket by Happy in Red. Looking for a simple baby blanket pattern? This one might be right for you. A nice stash buster.
Diamond Blanket FREE crochet pattern by Happy in Red

6. Crisscross Catona Cushion by Felted Button. A simple way to make a stylish accessory for your home. First you make the stripes and then weave them together and turn into a pillow cover.
Crisscross pillow  FREE crochet pattern by Felted Button

7. Forest Fog Cowl by me. Featuring my handsome husband. :) This cowl is a super fast and easy project. Variegated and solid yarns were used here.. Colors are changed in the end of every two rows, and there are no ends to weave in!
Forest Fog Cowl FREE crochet pattern by www.lillabjorncrochet.com
8. Endless Love Skinny Scarf by It's All In A Nutshell. You can easily adjust it to desired width and length. And make a wrap instead of a scarf.
Endless Love Skinny Scarf FREE crochet pattern by It's All In A Nutshell

9. Harlequin Blanket by Haak Maar Raak. Kirsten does amazing job with colors. I had a chance to see this blanket in progress, and this was the first time a touched a crocheted fabric made with Cotton 8 yarn*. So soft. And so well draping!
Harlequin Blanket FREE crochet pattern by Haak Maar Raak

10. Textured Chevron Cushion by Miss Neriss. Be sure to check Nerissa’s blog for a matching blanket pattern.
Textured Chevron Cushion FREE crochet pattern by Miss Neriss

11. Soft Shell Pashmina by Happy in Red. With love to mohair and alpaca. I need something like this in my life. I would choose dark blue and grey for myself. And what are your color favourites?
Soft Shell Pashmina FREE crochet pattern by Happy in Red

12. Riverstone Blanket by Jellina Creations. This blanket is made with mini skeins* of Stonewashed and Riverwashed yarns by Scheepejs, and black shade for framing.
Riverstone blanket FREE crochet pattern by Jellina Creations

13. Rebecca Möbius Scarf by Cypress Textiles. Such an unusual way to use gradient yarn. You will only need one cake of Whirl* (or Woolly Whirl*, or Frosted Whirl*), and will work with outside and inside tails at the same time.
Rebecca Möbius Scarf - FREE crochet pattern by Cypress Textiles

14. Crochet Between the Lines Shawl by CanaDutch. Now that’s my favourite!! Read Between the Lines knitting shawl has become such a great hit. And in response to popularity Tammy designed a crochet version of it. With same yarn and same illusion effect. This pattern is for sale, but it only costs 1 euro on Ravelry.
Crochet Between the Lines Shawl - crochet pattern by CanaDutch

15. Water Lilies Blanket by 50 Shades of 4-ply. This blanket reminds of a crochet art by Sophie Digard. I can’t stop looking at all beautiful color changes of Secret Garden* yarn. And I can only imagine how it feels to touch this blanket, as this yarn contains silk. Making simple squares is always relaxing, but it might be not so relaxing to join them together and weave in ends. But, hey!, it’s a part of it. And in the end you will have a luxory blanket, one of a kind.
Water Lilies Blanket - FREE crochet pattern by 50 Shades of 4-ply

16. Sunrise Shawl by Jellina Creations. Jellina is a true master of constructing and colouring. Jump to her blog to see more creations (and don’t miss FANTASTIC wall hangings made in Tunisian crochet).
Sunrise Shawl - FREE crochet pattern by Jellina Creations

17. Tetris Cowl by New Leaf Designs. A wonderful example of a “mindless” crochet project good for beginners. You make simple stitches, and Stardust yarn* creates a “tetris” patterning.
Tetris Cowl - FREE crochet pattern by New Leaf Designs

18. Feather & Fun Alpaca Shawl by Haak Maar Raak. Alpaca love again! If you haven’t worked with fine yarns before it might take a while before you get the feel and adjust your gauge. But then you can take it to the beach and enjoy the beauty growing (slowly) in your hands.
Feather & Fun Alpaca Shawl - FREE crochet pattern by Haak Maar Raak

19. Skittles Blanket by Felted Button. A simple repetitive stitch pattern with lots of happy colors.
Skittles Blanket - FREE crochet pattern by Felted Button

20. Granny Winter Shawl by Haak Maar Raak. Crochet classics for all ages. Made with fine cotton yarn this shawl will be great not only for winter.
Granny Winter Shawl - FREE crochet pattern by Haak Maar Raak

All designs mentioned in this round-up were created by me and my Blogger friends. And I am safe to say they are top quality. For more inspiration, please, visit this page on Scheepjes website.

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