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Happy New Year! Feels like I haven’t been in touch for a while, and holiday wishes are also missing here, on my blog. Just before Christmas me and my family took a short break and went for vacations. Last days of the year 2018 were very busy, sometimes too busy… And small distraction felt like a good decision. But I am back now, trying to get back into the crochet rhythm of my life. That’s not easy I should say, but I am getting there.
Crochet patterns 2018 by

Every year I make a photo collage with the projects designed in past 12 months. I usually write a separate blog post to share my year’s resolutions with you. I didn’t want to break this nice tradition and even though no blog posts happened I still wanted to show you my collage.

It doesn’t contain all designs, as there were a few smaller projects and commissioned patterns for magazines. But anyway it feels like a LOT has been done. And I can only wish (to you and myself) this year will be not less creative and inspiring.

I got back to my crochet hook right after New Year’s Eve and somehow managed to bring to life several crochet ideas at once. One of them was a chunky crochet shawl: slightly asymmetrical, with a combination of cables and open parts.
Namaste yarn by Scheepjes

The stitch pattern swatch is ready and I have a very clear vision of how this shawl should look. So hopefully it will not take long to actually crochet, and then write the pattern down.

Are you curious? I am!!

I will be using Namaste yarn by Scheepjes. This will be not my first time working with it. If you follow my work, you might remember a large knit Bakasana Scarf released last year. I liked the feel and texture of Namaste yarn and decided to try my hand in crochet as well.
Namaste yarn by Scheepjes

You can read my thoughts about this yarn HERE. And take a look at all available shades in local Scheepjes stores or online:

WoolWarehouse*, Deramores*, Black Sheep Wools* (all three in UK with international shipping)
Caro’sAtelier* (NL and Europe)
KnottyHouse* (Canada), Taemombo (US and Canada)

Namaste yarn by Scheepjes

Yarn label recommends 8mm hook and needles, but it feels like 7mm is even better. At least I will be using 7mm for my new design. And I hope to stay within 5 skeins to keep my shawl light.

Curious to see how Namaste yarn looks in crochet? I have collected several FREE patterns using this yarn. All of them were designed by my fellow blogger friends:
Scheepjes Namaste FREE patterns - round-up by

1. Bakasana Scarf – free knitting pattern by me
2. Olaf (the warm) Shrug – free crochet pattern by Miss Neriss
3. Asanas Blanket – free crochet pattern by Felted Button
4. Matchy Matchy hat – free crochet pattern by Miss Neriss
5. Shavasana Hexagon Motif – free crochet pattern by Cypress Textiles (wouldn’t it make a perfect squishy blanket?)

See you next week! And hopefully there will be a wip to show you!

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