Rozeta CAL: Week 1

I still can’t believe Rozeta is out there already. I’ve been keeping it for myself for such a long time (for over two years). And suddenly it went LIVE last week. And you even started to make gauge swatches. I am happy, scared, nervous and excited – all in one! But there is no way to go back, haha. So today we begin!

Part 1 of Rozeta CAL is done in tapestry crochet – we will be growing a cute flower. If you made a gauge swatch last week, just continue with it, as your swatch is also a part of Week 1.

And if this is the first time you hear about Rozeta, please check General Information HERE and a photo-tutorial for Special Stitches and Techniques HERE.

If you are late to the party, there are still kits available for purchase, through they are flying fast.

Kits are available from most Scheepjes retailers:

local Scheepjes stockists (Please, support your local yarn shop!!)
Wool Warehouse* (International)
Black Sheep Wools* (International)
Deramores* (International)
Caro’s Atelier* (Netherlands and Europe)

I hope you did a thorough home work last week and organized your colors according to the color key. Week 1 is a great opportunity to double check your gauge as you will find exact yarn amounts of each color you should use to complete it.

Please, carefully weigh your skeins (without the labels) before and after work to see how much yarn you used. And also measure your piece after you are done. Then you can be sure you are “on track” with gauge and yardages, and yarn in the kit will be enough to finish the blanket successfully.

Here is a couple of extra notes for you:

  • Relax! The tension of the inner yarn should be relaxed and even. If you pull it (even a little bit), it may result in shrinking of your mandala and it will become smaller.
  • Make sure your stitches are even throughout. Tighten a loop a bit after every color change.
  • Don’t try to make your piece look perfect. The inner yarn WILL be seen through the stitches, especially if you work with Our Tribe yarn.
  • If you missed an increase on previous round, just add extra increase on the current round without frogging and remaking. In wide sections with one color these extra increases will not be noticeable. Though ideally you should be careful, count well and not miss anything :)
  • IMPORTANT! To make sure your gauge doesn’t change throughout the pattern, please check it after every few rounds: the mandala must stay flat! Approximate measurements of every part are given in the pattern to help you. For an easy check: one row with dc (in tapestry) measures approx. 1cm/0.39” in height in Our Tribe yarn and 1.115cm/0.44” in Colour Crafter yarn.

Find complete written instructions on Scheepjes website HERE. And don’t forget to check videos by Esther of It’s All in A Nutshell: UK right handed, UK left handed, NL right handed, NL left handed.



Round 1. First two rounds are worked with main color only.

Round 3. On this round we start using new color and continue to work in tapestry crochet.

Rounds 4-6

Round 7. Please, note that first two dc (increase) will be made in same stitch as join. Slight cupping after this round is normal. Please, gently stretch your mandala with hands to see if it’s flat. In the end of this round you will change to another color for Colour Crafter version.

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11. Don’t miss a slip stitch in the beginning of the round!! The repeat section on this round will start and end differently – in the middle of main color.

To make the join invisible, don’t grab contrast yarn up when joining the round, but do it with only Yarn A. the join on the right side will be neater, and you’ll have floats of yarn on the back side.

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

And we are done with Part 1. See you next week :)

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  1. Will there be any video tutorials for the cal ?

    1. She writes in this post that "Esther of It’s All in A Nutshell" has video turtorials :) so scroll up and you see the links to those.

  2. There is one showing you how to do the tapestry.

  3. There seem to be if you google Rozeta CAL :)

  4. My gauge swatch came out toolarge in CC so I have used a 3.5mm hook.
    The gauge was then the correct size. By the time I finnished week 1 it was not laying very flat but I carried on to week 2. I got to row 26 and it is very frilly at the edge. Ive undone it now and will try again. I naturally crochet quite loose and definatelly hadnt pulled the carry through thread. What can I do to correct this?

  5. cant get the website with written instructions to work. is it down? it wont load on any of my devices.


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