Rozeta CAL 2019: General Information

Welcome to Scheepjes Rozeta CAL 2019! Today is the pre-week and it means I will share all details and important information together with tips & tricks you need to know for a successful completion of your Rozeta blankets. Please, don’t worry too much if you don’t understand anything. During the CAL I will be posting helpful progress pictures with comments to some trickiest places on my blog. And you will be provided with detailed video tutorials. So really, there will be no chance to get lost. And if you still have questions, you can ask for a support in official Scheepjes Facebook groups (find all links below).


The Scheepjes Rozeta CAL will begin next week, on October 9th, 2019 and will run for 11 weeks. Every Wednesday a new portion of the pattern will become available via Scheepjes website and in official Scheepjes groups.

We will be creating a rectangular blanket based on large tapestry mandala in the center with overlay round border and tapestry panel at the bottom. The blanket is asymmetrical. It was inspired by stained glass gothic windows and the magic lights of Aurora Borealis. Read more about the story behind Rozeta and my inspiration HERE.

Useful Links

  • Tips & Tricks PDF: You can find the Tips & Tricks PDF HERE. It contains all the information you need to successfully finish the blanket, including gauge, sizing, materials, and special stitch instructions. If you have ordered the kit, please make sure to pay EXTRA attention to the gauge information.
  • Video Tutorials: Esther Dijkstra of It’s All in a Nutshell has made step-by-step video tutorials for each part of the Roseta CAL. You will be able to find all the videos HERE as they become available.
  • Facebook: Rozeta CAL is hosted by Scheepjes and official support will take place in both Scheepjes groups on Facebook: International (English language) and Dutch. Please, join one of the groups to share your progress pictures and ask questions. Group admins will crochet along with you and some of them have already completed their Rozetas. So they are ready to help, and of course I will be present in the groups as well!
  • Ravelry: Add Rozeta CAL to your Ravelry Queue. If you don't use Facebook, please check Rozeta thread in my Ravelry group. You can follow Rozeta CAL there as well. But please, note that this is an inofficial CAL thread.
  • Instagram: If you are on Instagram, you can find me HERE. Please add your photos using #scheepjesrozetacal2019.
  • Special Stitches and Techniques: If you would like to get prepared for Rozeta CAL and try your hand in some techniques used in this project, please see THIS POST.


Rozeta CAL patterns will be available in English (both UK and US terms), Dutch and German. You can find all the translations HERE on the Scheepjes Website. I am sending my thanks to Christa Veenstra and Theresa Pearson.


Rozeta CAL is an intermediate pattern. It uses tapestry and overlay crochet. If you have never tried your hand in any of those techniques, don’t worry! The pattern contains lots of additional notes to help you stay on track with the stitches.

Special Stitches and Techniques


Please, find a photo-tutorial for Special Stitches and Techniques HERE. Gauge is VERY important for this pattern, especially if you will be using the kits. Please, take your time to practice with tapestry before CAL begins next week.

Rozeta Kits

There are two kits for Rozeta CAL, each in four different colourways: Twilight, Dawn, Dusk and Midnight. Find all details about content of the kits HERE.

Kits are available from most Scheepjes retailers:

local Scheepjes stockists (Please, support your local yarn shop!!)
Wool Warehouse* (International)
Black Sheep Wools* (International)
Deramores* (International)
Caro’s Atelier* (Netherlands and Europe)


Each Wednesday new portion of the Rozeta pattern will be released on Scheepjes website. The patterns will contain written row-by-row instructions. You will also find progress pictures on my blog and very detailed video tutorials by Esther from It’s All in a Nutshell.

Pre-Cal: 2 October 2019 General Information (this post), Special Stitches and Techniques
Week 1: 9 October 2019 - Central tapestry mandala Part 1
Week 2: 16 October 2019  - Central tapestry mandala Part 2
Week 3: 23 October 2019 - Central tapestry mandala Part 3
Week 4: 30 October 2019 - Overlay border Part 1
Week 5: 5 November 2019 - Overlay Border Part 2
Week 6: 13 November 2019 - Overlay Border Part 3
Week 7: 20 November 2019 - Overlay Border Part 4
Week 8: 27 November 2019 - Corners
Week 9: 4 December 2019 - Bottom tapestry panel Part 1
Week 10: 11 December 2019 - Bottom tapestry panel Part 2
Week 11: 18 December 2019 - Stained glass border
Bonus pattern: Micro Rozeta wall hanging


I am sending many thanks to wonderful testres who helped me polishing the Rozeta pattern and who made gorgeous sample blankets: Hilde Tindlund, Fiona Kelly, Theresa Pearson and Mark Roseboom.

See you next week!

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