Rozeta CAL: Week 6

Hello and welcome to Week 6 of Rozeta CAL. It feels like I am living fromt Wednesday to Wednesday recently, and that Wednesday is almost every day. Time flies and I almost run out of progress pictures. So next weeks I’ll probably have to join you and crochet along with every one else. Well, maybe still one week ahead. Otherwise how can I show you all tips and progress pictures?

If you are reading this, you have (hopefully) survived after Week 5. We did have several tricky rounds and I know some of you had to frog them and remake again and again. But they are all finished now and it also means you learned something new. And next rounds should be easier to handle, as we will in fact repeat the same stitches again.

This week we will continue growing overlay border around our Rozeta mandala. And it will be 3/4 finished!

But before we jump directly into photo-tutorial, let me share something cute with you. I am following you progress with Rozeta every day in both official Scheepjes groups on Facebook – International and Dutch. I just love seeing all your stunning pictures, and especially the ones with your furry friends. I thought I would make a collage of those pictures (thank you very much for permission to post them on my blog!). How cute are our little friends?..

And now back to Rozeta. For Part 6 we will continue crocheting in the same way as we did in previous week. We will use only one color per round and alternate right and wrong side.

Please, continue to use markers for last stitch of every round to make sure first stitch of the next round is placed correctly. And please, continue to check the flatness of your madnala after every round: lay it down (and most likely the floor will be the best option, as your mandala might not fit onto the table anymore), flatten with hands and check it against any signs of waviness. If you see some, please, adjust the gauge for the next rounds.

And one more important thing. Rounds on the wrong side with just dc seem to be very easy, as we are repeating the same stitch all way around. But because they are so simple, it’s easy to relax too much and make a mistake in stitch counts.

The placement of increases on these rounds is very important for correct placement of the overlaid stitches on the next rounds. And if you make a mistake on one of the rounds on the WS, then overlaid stitches might not line up as needed. And you will have to improvise to bring everything back to symmetry again. Or another option would be to frog previous round with just dc and remake it.

Written instructions for Week 6 are available on Scheepjes website HERE. If this is the first time you hear about Rozeta, please check General Information HERE and a photo-tutorial for Special Stitches and Techniques HERE.

And don’t forget to check videos by Esther of It’s All in A Nutshell: UK right-handed, UK left-handed, NL right-handed, NL left-handed.


Round 53. This is a kind of repeating Round 47 – at least you will be making FPtr2togs (US crochet terms here and to end) in the same way. For an easy count, please, watch marked stitches. They will be always skipped behind one of the FPtr2tog.

Every repeat consists of 4 petals. And you will be making 4sc after the first petal inside every repeat. Maybe to help yourself, you might want to mark that first petal in every repeat. Then you know for sure where you should make 4 sc.

Round 54. Easy round but correct placement of every increase is very important!

Round 55. With an exception of the very beginning and end, this round has a rhythm: 8sc, FPtr4tog, 7sc, FPtr4tog. Sing this as a song while crocheting, and you should be fine :) Cut Yarn B at the end of this round.

Round 56. Easy again, but very important round! Change to Yarn F at the end of this round.

Round 57. Continue with Yarn F. Please, take your time to carefully make first and last stitches of this round. Don’t miss a slip stitch in the very beginning!

You don't really need to count stitch on two rounds below for making "bobbles". Just try to keep "bobbles" straight and vertical.

And maybe mark the end of every repeat? Then you will see where you should make 2 sc. they wil lbe before bobble in every fourth petal.

Round 58. As all previous round on the wrong side.

Round 59. This is the last overlay round for Part 6 (YAY!). And the stitch counts are easy as ever. Follow the beginning of the round carefully. And then just repeat 2FPtr and 7sc between them. All. Way. Around. Isn’t it fun?
Don’t forget to cut Yarn F for Colour Crafter version.

Round 60. Relax and enjoy! And don’t forget to mark all increases (first or second stitch – no matter!

Congratulations!! You are all done and ready for Week 7! And I should better hurry up to be on time next Wednesday… See you soon!

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  1. Once this cal is complete is there any hope of buying a printed book/magazine copy of this pattern? I hope so!!!

  2. Actually I read it yesterday however I had a few thoughts about it and today I thought of reading it again. I must say your blog is elegantly composed. From the huge number of comments on your blogs, I think I am the one who is having more pleasure! Keep up the fabulous work. Your blog held my mind stick to it throughout which can’t be done by everyone!! Once again thanks a lot for sharing this.

  3. Hello Tatsiana, this post of week 6 is till today not unlocked on your "General Information site", so that the link to this page for week 6 cannot be found directly.


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