Rozeta CAL: Week 5

Hello and welcome to part 5 of Rozeta! And we are almost in the middle as the CAL will run for 11 weeks. Can you believe that?! Time flies! Yesterday I returned back home from KreaDoe – one of the biggest (if not the biggest) craft shows in the Netherlands. It happens every year in Utrecht, and this year was 30th already! It was the longest week for me with being in the middle of something huge, meeting lots of people, making new friends. Thank you very much for stopping by at Scheepjes stand and saying Hello. I enjoyed meeting you.


At KreaDoe you can discover all kinds of different crafts, you can buy supplies and take part in the workshops. Scheepjes stand was meant to inspire people. You could see and try most of the Scheepjes yarns, see finished projects, meet the authors of the books… and meet ALL Rozeta blankets!

I felt like a real pop star surrounded by Rozeta blankets, including two in new colourways. Lots of greetings and selfies! (Have you seen the pictures with me all over social media during last week? Not something a true introvert like me could do, but yeah, it was fun!)

Mike from a Mike’s Creatieve Wereld also stopped by to chat with me. Apparently he is making vlogs (in Dutch) about every week of the Rozeta CAL. And he also made a video tour around KreaDoe. It was nice to watch it and come back to those few busy days. Maybe Mike’s video will inspire you to come next year? In minutes 8:36-11:22 you will see a Scheepjes stand, and minutes 30:28-33:55 are about Rozeta, and me. :)

New kits!

In the video above and the photos you can see two new colorways for Rozeta: High Noon (the yellow one) and Witching Hour (the moody grey one). Both kits are on its way and a little bird whispered to my ear that they should arrive to stores in next two weeks, together with a new batch of original kits.

So… if you would like to get one and join Rozeta, maybe it might be a good idea to contact your local store and ask if they will stock the kits? And if not, maybe you could still book them from international retailers? (Thank you for using my affiliate links below (marked with *), with every purchase I might be compensated with a tiny amount while you will not pay anything extra):

local Scheepjes stockists (Please, support your local yarn shop!!)
Wool Warehouse* (International)
Black Sheep Wools* (International)
Deramores* (International)
Caro’s Atelier* (Netherlands and Europe)

Week 5

But let’s come back to the Rozeta CAL. We are on the week 5 already, and will continue to grow our mandala with overlay crochet stitches. Lots of fun is waiting for you (I hope).

This part is worked in back and forth again, alternating right and wrong side. Please, continue to mark last stitch of every round, as it will help you to see where the first stitch of the next round goes. Cut yarn only if the pattern is asking you to do so (no cutting on two-colored version). And don’t forget to skip the stitches behind the front post ones.

Check the flatness of your mandala after EVERY round (lay it down and try to flatten with hands). It should stay flat! If you see any signs of ruffling or waving, please, adjust your gauge for the next rounds. 

Written instructions are available on Scheepjes website HERE. If this is the first time you hear about Rozeta, please check General Information HERE and a photo-tutorial for Special Stitches and Techniques HERE.

And don’t forget to check videos by Esther of It’s All in A Nutshell: UK right-handed, UK left-handed, NL right-handed, NL left-handed.


Round 45. This round will be easier than the previous ones in locating front post stitches, as you will be making them around front post stitches from two rounds below (of the same color, if you are using the kit). The markers will help you to see where you should make 6sc (US terms here and throughout the tutorial). Otherwise you will be making 5sc. Don’t forget to skip 2 sts behind every pair of FPtr.

Round 46. Nothing special is happening here. You will be working on the wrong side. Mark second dc of every increase.

Round 47. This one will be a little bit tricky, as we will be making FPtr2togs. You can make them in a usual way, but I prefer so called “modified” way of making them. It means that first leg is attached around the indicated stitch, and for the next leg you will insert the hook into the hole at the bottom of the first leg just made. Marked stitch of the previous round will be always skipped behind one of the FPtr2tog. And don’t forget to make 2ss in the beginning of the round.

Round 48. YAY! You survived the previous round! And that also means that you learned something new, and next rounds will be easier to handle. Round 48 is very normal again, nothing unusual happens here.

Round 49. Don’t forget to make a slip stitch in the beginning of the round. We will be making 6sc and 7sc between FPtr4tog’s. for an easy count maybe mark every section with 6sc? It will be made after every three sections with 7sc. In other words, you will make 6sc in every fourth section!

Round 50. Simple round on the wrong side.

Round 51. This is the last tricky round of the Part 5. We will have lots of bobbles (72 in total) and I hope you will enjoy them. I prefer to make tr4togs (“bobbles”) in a modified way – similar to how you made FPtr2togs on Round 47.

First leg of the tr4tog will be attached around the indicated stitch and next 3 legs will be added into the hole of the first leg just made. Please, refer to the picture below and Esther's video. You will skip one stitch behind every bobble. At the end of this round cut Yarn C for the Colour Crafter version.

Round 52. This round should not give you any troubles. Please, mark second dc of every increase.

Congratulations! And see you next week!

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  1. Sorry, but I need to warn you guys about Deramores. I ordered my first kit from them 1 month ago, and have still not got my purchase. I live in Sweden. The past week I have tried to get in contact with their customer service four(!!!) times and have not got any respons. So still waiting for that midnight kit to arrive.

    So now I need to find someone else that I can buy the kit from because I think I´m scammed :(

    1. ahhh, this is too bad... I am not sure how their customer support works. but I know there was a certain delay in shipping kits. Hopefully yours will arrive soon! A new batch is coming in next weeks. So maybe yours will be among them. I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience...

    2. I thought the same thing, but I was informed that all the Midnight kits/new kits would be available towards the end of November, so maybe just be a little more patient.

  2. I'd forgotten about that cardigan you are modelling so well in the video, I really like it. I can't wait until after all the christmas crochet is done and I can do something for myself again!


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