Rozeta CAL: Week 10

Hello and welcome to Part 10 of the Rozeta CAL. We are almost finishing this week – can you believe that?! Our Rozeta window will be completed and all we need is just to frame it with the final border. And it means next week will be the last one… Today we continue building bottom tapestry panel. We will work in back and forth as on previous part. A few more popcorns will be added, and the arches will be shaped at the bottom.

If you are using the kit, you might have noticed that some of the colors are almost finished. If your gauge was on spot throughout the CAL and if you took your time to carefully measure your blanket after every part and if you weight the yarn after every part – then you could compare your usage of yarn with numbers given in the pattern.

But if you haven’t done anything of mentioned above, you might start running out of the colors on this part already. Yarn B might be the tightest in both Our Tribe and Colour Crafter kits. This color will be only used this week for the bottom tapestry and we will not need it for the border. You’ll need approx. 13g of Yarn B in Our Tribe and 11g in Colour Crafter. But if you don’t have enough yarn already, don’t worry!! You can substitute it with Yarn F which you should still have plenty of!

Bottom tapestry panel (and especially final stained glass border which we will be making next week) is not strict with placement of colors. So if you feel like you are running out of some of them, you can play around and replace the colors to your taste.

If you feel like you are running out of the main color (Yarn A), you can simply omit several rows at the bottom of the tapestry panel to make it shorter, and use different colors for the final border.

But again, if your gauge was correct and if you used approximately the same amount of yarn for every part as noted in the pattern – you should not run out of yarn in any color by now. The yardages for the Rozeta kits were calculated based on the yarn usage from all testers (and we had lots of them). And the yarn usage given in the pattern is the maximum what testers used.

I hope I calmed you down, and now we can move on to the instructions! Written instructions for Week 10 are available on Scheepjes website HERE. If this is the first time you hear about Rozeta, please check General Information HERE and a photo-tutorial for Special Stitches and Techniques HERE.

And don’t forget to check videos by Esther of It’s All in A Nutshell: UK right-handed, UK left-handed, NL right-handed, NL left-handed.


Row 22. Starting with this row we will be building “branches with leaves” inside the arches. On this row make FPtr’s (US terms here and throughout) around the popcorns below. And don’t forget to skip one stitch behind every FPtr.

Row 24. The popcorns on this row are made around single crochet stitches from 2 rows below. Esther made them a bit differently in the video (she is making them around dc from previous row). Either way will work well, and the exact placement of popcorns should not give a significant difference in the final look. I just felt like it is easier to find fourth sc on both sides of FPtr below. Please, change color after every popcorn (in ch1 on top of it), and after FPtr. And don’t forget to skip the stitches.

After this row we will cut Yarn C for Colour Crafter and will be using only Yarn B for both versions for the next rows.

Row 25. Simple row with new color for Colour Crafter. If you don’t have enough of Yarn B, you can switch to Yarn F at this point.

Row 26. FPtr on this row are made around FPtr below. Skip one stitch behind every FPtr.

Row 28. Make popcorns in the same way as on Row 24.

Row 30. Repeat of Row 26. Cut Yarn B for both versions at the end of this row.

Row 31. On this and all next rows we will use only Yarn A and Yarn F.

Row 32. Repeat of Row 24 but with Yarn F.

Row 36.

Row 37. On this and all next rows we will be making increases and decreases to shape the bottom of the arches.
Row 38.

Rows 39-43. Continue to work as per pattern shaping the bottom of the arches.

Congratulations!! Part 10 of the Rozeta CAL is completed! See you next week!

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