Rozeta CAL: Week 7

Hello and welcome to Week 7 of Rozeta CAL. Today is the Day! We will finally finish the central mandala. Isn’t it exciting? Just a few more rounds to go and the beautiful flower will blossom in all its glory. We’ll not meet with something new or unusual on this part. The petals continue to grow in the same way as in previous weeks. The rounds will become a bit longer, but hopefully instructions will be easier to follow. I can’t wait to see ALL your fantastic Rozeta mandalas finished.

Before jumping directly to the photo-tutorial, I thought I would show you something. My Rozeta journey began two years ago. I took random colors of the Scheepjes Our Tribe yarn and strated to play with them. I knew it was meant to be a tapestry. But I had no idea where this play would bring me. And how big my mandala would be.

So here it. The VERY first Rozeta sample. Now looking back at it I am thinking the colors would match my interior perfectly. If you know me well, I am all about the greys, and the teals, and the blues. And even blacks (not matter how many shades of the black you can have). If you are curious these are the shades: 970 Cypress Textiles and 975 Canadutch for smaller center, 969 Lilla Bjorn and 967 Simy for the rest of the mandala.

And just in case you missed this, two new colorways for Rozeta CAL - High Noon and Witching Hour (the choice of Simy Somer) are arriving to the shops today!

Kits are available from most Scheepjes retailers:

local Scheepjes stockists (Please, support your local yarn shop!!)
Wool Warehouse* (International)
Black Sheep Wools* (International)
Deramores* (International)
Caro’s Atelier* (Netherlands and Europe)


And now back to our Rozeta.

We will continue to work in back and forth alternating right and wrong sides. And only last three rounds will be made without turning – all on the right side.

Written instructions for Week 7 are available on Scheepjes website HERE. If this is the first time you hear about Rozeta, please check General Information HERE and a photo-tutorial for Special Stitches and Techniques HERE.

And don’t forget to check videos by Esther of It’s All in A Nutshell: UK right-handed, UK left-handed, NL right-handed, NL left-handed.


Round 61: We’ll make this round with Yarn F (G for Colour Crafter). The rhythm and instructions are pretty easy. You only need to watch for the increases from the previous round. And if their placement was correct, then this round should not bring you any trouble.

Round 62: Simple round with just Yarn A. To help you check the placement of increases, they should be made in one of the two FPtr from previous round (US terms here and throughout).

Round 63: This one is a bit tricky, but in fact it is a kind of repeat of Round 47 (from Part 5). Please, read the notes carefully. Don’t miss 3 ss in the beginning. For an easier count – please, check groups of 3 sc against tr4tog’s (“bobbles”) below. 3sc will be placed above every other tr4tog.

Round 64: Please, pay attention to the end of this round. After you join the round with ss, two more ss will be made and you will mark dc where you made last ss.

Round 65: The beginning of this round is a bit tricky, as it’s difficult to see ss. If you are not sure and pictures below don’t help, please, refer to the CAL video tutorial. Another tip would be to pay attention to the position of last sc of first 9sc in this round. Please, check the position of your sc against the picture, and adjust previous sc as needed.

Round 66: Nothing special is happening on this round. Please, change to Yarn D at the end.

Round 67: Only 3 more rounds to go!! YAY! This one is simple again. Please, pay attention to correct placement of increases.

Round 68: This is the last overlay round for the mandala. We will be making small bricks again as in Part 4. Try to keep your front post stitches straight. 

Round 69: Stay on the right side and count very well. This is the last round of the mandala and thus it's very easy to feel relaxed. But correct stitches on this round will give correct base for the corners. So please, be careful. We will be shaping octagon. At the end of this round you will have either 50 or 51 sc along one of the 8 sides. This is not a mistake, so don’t worry.

Hurray!! You are done! And see you next week :)

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  1. Cant wait to get started 🙏❤ thank you so much for this lovely pattern

  2. wat een geweldig patroon zo leuk om te maken dank je wel


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