Copenhagen Cardigan: crochet pattern

End of the year is the time to make resolutions and put some goals for the coming year. I haven’t put any strict goals or must-do-s for myself, as I know my creativity will bring me somewhere else anyway. But what I really want to accomplish this year is to design more crochet garments. My modest collection is slowly growing. And today I would like to introduce a new addition. Copenhagen Cardigan.
Photo credit to all pictures (except of the testers' work):

The pattern is available online on Etsy and Ravelry and is offered with 30% discount through the first release weekend (until Monday, January 27th, 2020). The pattern has been discounted already and the price you see is final, so no additional codes are needed.

This is the fifth garment design following Esja Sweater, Huldra Sweater, Fjell Cardigan and Metropolis Cardigan. Same as all previous designs, Copenhagen Cardigan is also worked top down without the seams. But this time I tried something new and used a raglan shape for sleeves.

Round yoked sweaters are very trendy and hot right now, but they don’t fit equally well everyone. And kind of “set-in”, “controlled” sleeves might be a better option for someone.

I should admit that designing a cardigan with shaped neck together with growing raglans and cabled mesh pattern on fronts was a bit of a designing struggle for me. But in the end I won this battle! And it’s proved by the fantastic testres’ work.

Copenhagen Cardigan is designed to fit with 4-10cm (2-4in) of positive ease at the bust. This cardigan is worked seamlessly from top down. First the raglan yoke is worked in rows to separation for body and sleeves. The lower body is worked in rows to bottom. Sleeves are worked top down to the cuffs. The length of the body and sleeves is easily adjustable.

I made two samples myself. One is long sleeved in a natural brown-ish color – cozy and casual. And another one is in deep blue with short sleeves – perfect as a summer version for warm days (if made with linen, cotton or bamboo yarns). And a nice fit for a dress, for example.

The name to Copenhagen Cardigan was given by the name of the shade I used for the very first (natural brown) sample. Have I ever shared my love for Scheepjes Metropolis yarn* with you? I’ve already used it once for Metropolis Cardigan last year, and I am pretty sure I’ll choose it again and again. Because this yarn is on top of my favourites.

Metropolis is 4ply yarn targeted as the sock yarn (it was released with the picture of socks hand knitted in all colors). It contains 75% Merino extra fine and 25% Nylon, but because it is very soft, in my opinion it is just great for knitted and crochet garments!

Not to mention 80 gorgeous heathered colors. Each of them contains 3 different shades which are blended together tastefully. I chose shades Copenhagen (066) and Cairo (070) for my samples. And my testers decided to crochet their cardigans with Metropolis yarn as well. Looky look at their color choices (just to be precise, some of the testers used stash yarn, and two cardigans were made with Scheepjes Bamboo Soft – a nice option for those with allergy to wool).

1. Sandra Veneman (size XL, Scheepjes Metropolis)
2. Esther Schippers (size 2X, Scheepjes Metropolis)
3. Elizabeth Kalka (size M, Scheepjes Bamboo Soft)
4. Loele van den Bergh (size S, Scheepjes Metropolis)
5. Laura Jackson (size S, Scheepjes Bamboo Soft)

1. Sarah Fabbri (size L, stash yarn)
2. Lisa Marlow (size S, Scheepjes Metropolis)
3. Faye Pike (size XL, Scheepjes Bamboo Soft)
4. Elizabeth Barraclough (size M, Scheepjes Metropolis)

If you’d like to have a look at all the shades of Metropolis yarn, check it in local Scheepjes shops worldwide, or via international online retailers:

WoolWarehouse*, Black Sheep Wools* (both in UK, international shipping)
Caro’s Atelier* (NL, Europe)
Taemombo* (Canada and US)

I’d say Copenhagen Cardigan is a classy design and everyday wearable. It has mesh decorative panels on both fronts with cables and lace. I first tried of lace and cables for Living Lagom shawl, and liked it very much.

I played with the stitch pattern a bit and used different stitches for front and back. Please, keep in mind that the pattern has two gauges and they should be very similar. If you fails to keep the same gauge for the front and the back, your fronts will be growing faster – good for the big bust owners  For the others, like me, longer fronts will result into a modern stylish fit.

And just to remind you, Copenhagen Cardigan pattern is available online on Etsy and Ravelry and is offered with 30% discount through the first release weekend (until Monday, January 27th, 2020).

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  1. 😍 Another success for sure! I'm still adding corners to my Rozeta, but I'm so wanting to make one!!

    1. I understand you! every time I see a new pattern myself, I want to jump on it right away.

  2. This is lovely Tatsiana! I just purchased the pattern! --Rita Z.

    1. Thank you Rita! Can't wait to see your creation! Have you crocheted garments before?

  3. Hi,
    I'm loving the pattern, thank you. I have a doubt, though On the back and sleeve sections where it says [sc, dc], are the sc always supposed to go on the dc from the row below and the dc on the sc on the row below? Or the opposite? Or alternating between ws and rs rows? Haha, welp pls, I am confused. Cheers.

    1. Lemon Peel stitch is used for the back and sleeves. sc always go in dc, and vice verse.

  4. Hi, I love this pattern! Yesterday I purchased it!
    Today I'm making a gauge with needle size 3.5 and it is 16 st and 16 rows.I wanted to make size L. Do you recommend to take size M? Tilly O.

    1. Thank you! I would suggest that you work on the gauge a bit more and try to get to the given gauge in the pattern as close as possible.

  5. Looks awesome! I am excited to work on it! One quick question. I am making size S and I was just reading trying out the first few rows and have a question. After row 2, there are 16 stitches left, correct? Looking at your tutorial pics, looks like the rest of the piece is growing but the 16 stitches are there. At what point (what page, row) does the latter explain I should work up those part? Since I am relatively new, it’s a bit hard to picture how it should be done. Thank you again for the awesome work! :)

    1. I am not sure which 16 stitches you mean? On row 2 all stitches from row 1 should be worked...

  6. Hi, I just started this pattern and it is challenging (for me) but also beautiful. I finished the first 12 rows for shaping the neck and front, bit am confused by how the pattern continues with Inc set 1, Inc set 2, separate for body and sleeves and lower body. I am used to going back and forth from front panel to front panel. I am not sure how to read or continue. Any help you can give me would be appreciated!


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