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Hands up if you love brioche crochet! Brioche still seems to be quite a huge trend in the world of knitting. While not so widely used in crochet so far. So well, let us correct that with a new pattern coming out today! Alma Sweater is here. 

 If you follow my blog for a while, you might know that brioche crochet has been “a thing” for me for a while. It first started with a so-called overlay version, which was a bit stiff and more suitable for houseware, like pillows and rugs. 

Then I moved to an airier version using only front post stitches and chains. And you might remember my Coral Story Blanket and Helios Mandala designs. And finally I have decided to take a new challenge onboard and to incorporate brioche crochet into a garment design. 

The pattern is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE with 30% off through Monday, February 1st, 2021. The price you see is discounted already and no codes are needed. 

Alma Sweater is designed to fit with 2-4cm (¾ - 1 ½ in) of positive ease at the bust. It is worked seamlessly from top down. First collar is worked in rounds (optional), and then brioche yoke is worked in rounds to sleeves separation. The lower body is worked in rounds to bottom. Sleeves are worked top down. The length of the body and sleeves is easily adjustable. 

The pattern comes with two slight variations: with collar, or with a crew neck. Originally it was meant to be with an exceedingly high collar with the beginning of brioche patterning which would grow down into a massively patterned brioche yoke. but then I thought that high collars are not for everyone, and added a crew neck version.

Someone says the stitch pattern reminds her of the flames, someone sees the reflections of a peacock tail. Someone can recognize similarities with the Coral Story blanket. This is what Alma Sweater is about. By the way, credit for the name Alma goes to Macarena Marskell who was also helping me to test the pattern. 

Alma Sweater comes in 8 sizes: XXS (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X). You will find exact measurements for the finished bust and upper arm in the pattern together with the note to opt for a bigger size if your gauge is smaller than suggested in the pattern. 

As with every other brioche design, it is better to choose contrast colors. I decided to repeat my yarny experiment and took Scheepjes Metropolis and Scheepjes Spirit for my original sample. And made another one (cropped and with short sleeves) in Scheepjes Our Tribe. 

If you are wondering about the fit, this sweater design is more fitted than loose. Smaller ease helps to keep the back straight and without the bubbles. However oversized fit is also possible – after blocking the back will just become a bit roomy. 

 I am normally wearing S size but love the oversized clothes. So, my dark sample is M size with lots of positive ease and roomy back (as you can see in the pictures). 

And light gray cropped sample is XS size, so with no ease at all. It looks pretty in the pictures, but I should admit I can hardly breath in it. I was aiming for size S but started with the smaller size by mistake. 

So please, take your time to make accurate measurements of your own bust, add needed ease and choose correct size. Then make a gauge swatch, block it and see if it’s the same as mentioned in the pattern. If by any chance your gauge is smaller, please better opt for a bigger size. 

And of course, I should show you all the masterpieces created by my wonderful testers pool! You can see several dresses, too. Aren’t they gorgeous?! Check Ravelry page for every project to see details about yarns and adjustments to tape the sleeves and lower body’s shape.

1. Lisa Marlow, 2. Evelien van der Drift, 3. Faye Pike, 4. Esther Schippers, 5. Taylor O’Shea, 6. Jenna Bowers, 7. Macarena Marskell, 8. Elizabeth Kalka, 9. Ruth Joy 

 Laura Jackson has completed two sweaters! And used combination of Rhythm Mohair and Rhythm Alpaca yarns (both by Scheepjes). Such a hairy soft happiness! Luckily, she has also caught her sweater at the sleeveless stage in the picture. It’s a bit cropped, and can become a nice summer top as well (well, maybe not in alpaca yarns, though… But some soft fingering cotton yarns could work).

Photo credit: taemombo

All mentioned yarns are available in local Scheepjes shops as well as via online retailers: 

Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping) 

Caro’s Atelier* (NL and Europe) 

Taemombo (Canada and US), Yarnaddicted (US) 

And just a remind, that Alma Sweater pattern is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE with 30% off through Monday, February 1st, 2021. The price you see is discounted already and no codes are needed. 

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  1. Beautiful, I'm so happy with this pattern. Good luck and I hope that your inbox will explode. Love Evelien

  2. This is so lovely! I already bought the pattern. I'm wondering what round Laura Jackson started with, as I would prefer the neck be lower like hers is.??

    1. Laura did it a bit differently. You should ch92 for XXS and ch104 for S (the counts for all other sizes are the same as per pattern). You begin with the first three rounds, then skip all instructions up to Increase 1 (or Increase 2)depending on the size. Hope it helps!

  3. Beautiful, as always! And I LOVE the high collar! Thank you for giving that option. A request please: a cardigan version of this, for those of us who look like a sack of potatoes in pullovers. ;-)

    1. Thank you! A cardigan version for this exact pattern is not possible I am afraid, as almost all rounds are worked on the right side. But I might think of something different in the future :)

    2. Maybe steeken is an option to make it a cardigan. I never test it for crochet pieces but it works for knitting pieces.

    3. I would not dare to cut airy crochet fabric with lots of chains...

  4. Tatsiana, you do such beautiful work! Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pieces of art with us!

  5. how much i can get it this pattern?

  6. Love this pattern. Only my English is not so good. Is there one available in Dutch please

    1. Dutch version has been already added to Etsy and Ravelry.

  7. Hello!Thanks so much for  your words for the New Year. I like your blue and white model. And yes, it remember me the peacock tail. CongratulationsVera Lucia O. Bastos 

  8. Hi. For medium size, it jumps to row 18 after the collar. Then after row 19, it says to repeat 16 and 17. Do I jump back to rows 16 and 17 from increase 1?

  9. What a gorgeous pattern! I love the colors Jenna Bowers used but cannot find it on ravelry. Do you know what yarn she used?

  10. This pattern is gorgeous! But on mine once I started doing 2 chains instead of 1 in the colourwork section it became too loose in that part, it's not even but curling/"bubbling" now. I am considering frogging that part and redoing with only 1 ch as in the collar. Or, any other suggestions are welcome!


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