Paint the Snow blanket

The first design of the year 2023 is here! And it is a blanket. We are in the middle of the winter here, in the Czech Republic. The days are short, and even in the daylight it feels greyish outside. Luckily, we, crafters, have lots of other means to brighten our days. With yarn in different colors, for example! “If the snow does not want to come to us this year, I will paint it myself” – I told myself. 

Paint the Snow Blanket crochet pattern is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE

This winter has been weird in many ways. Much warmer than average, with so little snow even in the mountains. And even if we are lucky to see some snowfall, it melts out during the night or the same morning. And it’s frightening. 

A few days ago, I shared my thoughts about climate change on my FB page, and I was surprised to hear people in different corners of the world are experiencing the same thing. The weather forecasts surprise with the news that temperatures go down in the warmer regions, while the countries, which are normally used to the cold, have mild winter this year. 

On the one hand, today with the rising pieces of energy, it should be a relief not to heat the houses at the most. And we all know that this year higher temperatures and no freeze is a blessing to some countries. But when I am thinking about this issue on a global scale, knowing it might get even worse with each new year, it makes me sad. 

It’s not really about lack of snow or no possibilities to go skiing. It’s about understanding that mother nature needs our help. Paint the Snow Blanket has become a remind to myself that I should not take everything for granted, and that everyone is able to make small steps to the better climate sustainability. 

Small facts about the Paint the Snow Blanket 

I chose bright shades of Scheepjes Whirl yarn for my sample (2 cakes in the same color – so, 4 cakes in total). Whirls are always the best choice when you want a project with many colors, but do not want to bother picking them yourself. One Whirl cake carries several gorgeous shades with soft transitions. And you can also opt for an ombre look. 

You can find Whirls in your local Scheepjes shop, or purchase them via online retailers (affiliate links): Wool Warehouse (UK, international shipping), Caro's atelier (NL, Europe), Taemombo (US, Canada).

However, consisting of hexagon motifs, the blanket allows using us leftovers in different colors from your stash. Freeing your creativity at the same time. 

My finished blanket measures approx. 125 x 150cm/ 49¼ x 59in after blocking, but of course you can easily adjust it in size adding or reducing the number of the motifs. 

Paint the Snow Blanket uses tapestry crochet technique, and a cute snowflake pattern can bring your memories back to Rozeta CAL. Which also brings up the thought that Scheepjes Our Tribe could also be a great choice for this project for those who prefer warmer woolly blankets. 

For this pattern, I have created a detailed photo-tutorial showing the stitches on literally every round. And additionally, I have recorded several videos explaining tapestry crochet technique and showing the first rounds of each motif.

Paint the Snow Blanket crochet pattern is available on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE

Hope you enjoy! 


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  1. I love all your work! You have such a beautiful way of creating. I have done up several of your blankets for us and family and I’m in awe that I did them :-) Thank you for sharing!
    And speaking of creating just to put my thoughts out there, just remember Gods hands are in everything around us and we know He is in control. I myself have know fear as I know he is preparing for our glorious homecoming.

  2. Hi, is this suitable for someone who has never done tapestry rochet please?

    1. Yes, of course! Tapestry is not too difficult. If you are not sure, first try a simple tapestry pattern. There are tons of free ones and also video tutorials on YouTube.

  3. Hello, where can I find the photo tutorial? IHave purchased the pattern with Etsy. I can see the link to the Youtube video's but not the photo tutorial

  4. Hello, wher can I finfd the photo tutorial for the blanket

    1. There are two files in your downloads, and one of them has progress pictures.


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