Everblue Shawl make-a-long: announcement

The shawl season has started! At least in our part of the world. The days are getting warmer but still not warm enough to hide winter clothes. And honestly – you can wear a nice shawl anytime of the year! Today, I am happy to announce that a new make-a-long will start next week here on my blog. We will be making an Everblue Shawl

Photo credit: evakobz; Sample maker: Loele van den Bergh

Some of you have probably recognized this design. It was released exclusively as a part of a Limited Edition mystery kit by Scheepjes back in 2021. You even might be a lucky owner of the kit with a limited color of Scheepjes Whirl. Those kits were a huge success! But if you were not lucky enough to put your hands on one of those, you can now make the shawl with a stand-alone pattern, and any colors of your choice. 

The idea of the mystery Scheepjes kit was to create a project to occupy busy crafter’s hands at a Crimbo Limbo time between Christmas day and New Year’s Day. I happily accepted this commission, as it ideally fell in line with my own aesthetics and design taste. 

The main color (which is not available any more, but you have lots of other gradient shades of Whirl yarn to choose from) was a rich and soft green ombre, which we combined with a dark chocolate color to create an image of an evergreen tree with the pine cones. I was aiming to bring the similar cone pattern to the shawl’s body as well, and created an infinity lace fabric with mesh triangles. 

And the good news is that this pattern design is easily adjustable into a square if you wish to create a blanket instead of a shawl. 

After a very popular Scheepjes make-a-long with this shawl, I decided to bring the memories back and release it as a stand-along pattern. It will be a free one released as a make-a-long starting next Wednesday, March 29th, 2023. And then every Wednesday, a new portion of the instructions will be added here to my blog. 

However, if you are not patient to wait and prefer to keep your pattern library as easy-to-print ads-free pdfs, you can purchase a complete pattern for the Everblue Shawl on Ravelry HERE and Etsy HERE. The files come with both UK and US crochet terms and include materials list, full written instructions and two charts – for the shawl’s body and mosaic panel. 

The official support for this make-a-long will be handled in my Facebook group HERE. You can share your progress pictures there and ask questions. If you are not a member yet, make sure to join the fun and do not forget to answer a simple question upon a sign-up. Without this answer, your request will be denied.

If you want to get ready ahead of time, you will need fingering yarn and 2.5mm and 3mm crochet hooks. Scheepjes Whirl yarn is the best option for this pattern. Choose one Whirl cake and then two Whirlettes cakes. The best result will be if you choose a Whirlette which ideally matches one of the Whirl’s tails (either inside or outside), and then another contrast Whirlette for the mosaic patterning. 

If you are curious about this exact sample (kindly made for me by wonderful Loele van der Bergh), the colors are: Whirl 755 Blueberry Bambam (one cake), Whirlette 860 Ice (one cake) and Whirlette 868 Bilberry (one cake).  

You can find both yarns in your nearest Scheepjes local store, or order via online retailers: Wool Warehouse* (UK, international shipping), Caro’s Atelier* (NL, Europe), Taemombo* (US, Canada). 

See you next Wednesday! 


EDIT (timline):

PART 1: Shawl's Body

PART 2: Mosaic Panel 

PART 3: End of Mosaic Panel


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  1. This is a very beautiful shawl and I would love to try to make it! The problem I have is that I have never worked with fingering weight (#2) yarn before, would a Dk/sport weight (#3) work for this (ex. Lion Brand Mandala)?


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