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Do you remember a small and happy collection of Bloom yarn by Scheepjes I showed you last week? It was traveling with me to Malmö, we both enjoyed this trip very much and new design is almost finished.
Bathmat with Bloom yarn by Scheepjes. Free crochet pattern by Lilla Bjorn

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If you follow my blog for a while, you might know I have a very special relation with Sweden, and with Malmö. I come here almost every year to visit friends. And it always happens in late August when my birthday is. Last year I created a blanket in the colors of Malmö beach which is called “Birthday in Malmö”. I used wonderful pattern “Summer in Swanage” by Dedri Uys (from Look At What I Made) and just came up with a different color combination. If you missed it, please, read the story behind this blanket HERE (by the way color packs for this blanket are available at Wool Warehouse* with international shipment of order).
Beach in Malmö

I am not really the kind of person who likes to vent and complain, but last few weeks were extremely hard in my life. Several unpleasant and sad things happened one after another and I felt totally damaged and exhausted. I even felt like stop designing at all. Thank you very much for your lovely and kind words and comments you sent me. They encouraged me a lot!

Shortly after Part 4 of Peacock Tail Bag CAL was published, I packed my suitcase, left my husband with a dog and kid at home… And went to Sweden. To switch off. To go to the sea. To recharge. And to become happy again.
Beach in Malmö

This time it was not my birthday, but still I was on time for a birthday cake. My very good friend Fredrik had birthday on the day I arrived. I am not really a public type of a person, and you have probably noticed I don’t share much about my life. But today I feel like telling you something about my friend, who actually inspired me to start designing and to launch my own crochet brand.

It was just one of the times when I came to Malmö. I didn’t have work for several years already, as we moved to Czech Republic from Belarus and I couldn’t find a job as a journalist. So I was staying at home, with not so many friends around. And I was feeling like I become to be “no one”. If you ever felt you are not demanded, and if you ever felt lonely – I totally understand what you felt. As I was in this kind of mood for 4 years.
Trees in Höllviken in Sweden

So once in Malmö we went out for a beer with Fredrik, and I started to vent about how poor and sad my life is and that I don’t know what to do and who to be. I was not a journalist anymore, and I couldn’t get a job as a singer. Absolute failure in everything. And he said: “Well, you are a professional crafter… But this is probably not what you want to be…” And I had a stroke. “Why not?” – I thought.

Later Fredrik and his girlfriend Elly were the first who made a custom order of crocheted pillows and blanket from me. And he was the first who bought a crocheted bear from me. And this is how I started to build my own confidence.
Flowers in Höllviken. Sweden.

Why am I telling all this? I want you to know that even if you feel very bad, and if you can’t find the job, and if you feel like becoming no one – don’t give up! There is for sure something you are very good at. And you can develop yourself in this direction.

…So my trip to Malmö. It was won-der-ful. For the first time I was not staying at my friend’s place but rented a small and very cozy apartment on my own. And I was spending all my days by the sea. Crocheting and absolutely switched off. I was watching people swimming, playing with the kids on the beach and walking the dogs. And I envied every single dog that it can come to the beach every day and not just once in a year, as me.
Beach in Malmö

I’ve made a lot of progress on my new project. As you may know, it will be a bathmat. I used two shades of pink-purple, two shades of blue and grey. And I know that I am in love with Bloom yarn by Scheepjes. If you haven’t tried it yet – please, read my review HERE. And Bloom can be found at WoolWarehouse* HERE, Deramores* HERE and Paradise Fibers* HERE, or in your local Scheepjes shop.
Bathmat with Bloom yarn by Scheepjes. Free crochet pattern by Lilla Bjorn

My favourite part of Malmö is called Västra Hamnen. It’s an area by the sea where famous Turning Torso building is situated. And from here you also have a wonderful view on Örresund Bridge. I was coming here every morning, had a cup of coffee at a café and then was sitting for hours with my crochet. At some point one skein of blue didn’t want to be pictured and jumped to the sea, and I couldn’t continue to grow my project. So instead I was sleeping on the beach and took the walks making friends with local dogs.
I can’t really remember how many times I was in Malmö. But surprisingly it was the first time I saw the sunset by the sea. First time in 14 years. And it was amazing. How I wish I could swim…
Sunset by the sea in Malmö

Here is a short video from my last day in Malmö. :) And I will be back next year...

UPDATE: this design is finished and pattern is available HERE.

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  1. I read a quote "the cure for anything is salt water - tears, sweat or the sea" and I think it's absolutely true. We just got back from a trip to the sea a couple of weeks ago and I also found it to be very restorative. I'm really glad that your break helped you. And also, I have to tell you that the reason I started my blog was very similar to what you describe about feeling like you were becoming no one. As my children get older and my 'career' as a blogger/designer continues, I am feeling like a person again and I'm sure you will too. In the meantime, keep doing what you enjoy and appreciate the little moments of joy in each day. Sending love and thoughts of the sea, Sarah xxxx

  2. I'm so pleased to hear your time away has restored your spirt.
    I think I will have to go look at some Bloom yarn!!!!

  3. I live by the sea and it does give great comfort and inspiration for many things- glad to hear you feel restored, I love all your patterns and have learnt to do overlay crochet by using them, you give a lot of inspiration to others. I shall definitely be buying your butterfly coin purse on monday- butterflies are my absolute favourite and I just happen to have some purse frames waiting to be filled x

  4. Ah yes, sometimes you just have to get away don't you? I totally understand about feeling alone and desperate. That was me, a little over 4 years ago. A very deep dip in my life and very hard to get out of. But I'm glad I did. Crochet helped me through it, and still does.

    1. Yes, staying alone from time to time helps a lot. I guess all of us feel damaged and frustrated sometimes... Hugging!


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