Peacock Tail Bag CAL: Part 6 (Final!!)

Today is the day with very mixed emotions. It’s Wednesday again, and time for last crochet part of Peacock Tail Bag CAL to be released. It feels sad… a little bit. But very happy at the same time, as every day I can browse hundreds of your beautiful peacock bags! And I just enjoy looking at them. Please, don’t stop posting them! Today’s part is probably the easiest but very important. You will finally join front and back of your bag together, add a band and attach D-rings. It also means you can start using your bag at once. Or wait for one more week and line it with fabric.

Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

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If it’s the first time you hear about this CAL, please check page with General Information HERE, and also Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. UPDATE: lining tutorial was released and can be found HERE.

Important Notes

I don’t really have any important notes to share with you today. Maybe just a small remind that you should work quite tight on the band, so that it is stiff enough to keep its shape. It is especially important if you don’t intend to line your bag with fabric.

The band is made with single crochet stitches. If you feel it’s not getting stiff enough – please, change to a smaller hook. I know that for someone it will be a painful pain, as you already work with a smallest possible hook. Don’t worry about it. You can also stay with the same hook. Just do what you are comfortable with.

Tags on Ravelry. Do you know that you can use tags for your projects on Ravelry? They help your projects to pop-up higher in an advanced Ravelry search. If you haven’t attached any tags to your Peacock Tail projects, please, do that. Here are just a few tags you can use: peacock-tail-bag, CAL, bag, overlay, colourwork, phototutoroal…

EDIT: ok! Just decided to add another note. After you join front and back togehter you will notice that they don't fit with the shape at 100%. I did my best to bring the bag's shape to the best possible symmetry... After you add the band everything should work itself out and your bag should look nicely. BUT! Because of your personal crochet style the wings can be much higher than mine. If you feel you don't like it and if you feel like correcting bag's opening, please, TRY first to make a straight line with surface crochet slip stitches (tutorial is HERE) around the bag's opening. And then crochet 1st round of the band in these stitches (and on round 2 you will probably not need to make any hdc). 

Just a small remind. I am using Linen Soft yarn by Scheepjes and 2.75mm (С) Clover Soft Touch hook*. Linen Soft is available for purchase via Wool Warehouse HERE* (international shipping), Paradise Fibers (US) HERE* or in your local Scheepjes shop. Separate bag handles, magnetic clasps and D-rings are available via Wool Warehouse HERE*.

If you have any questions, please, check in Official CCC Social group on Facebook or in my Ravelry group.


IMPORTANT: Please, be aware that all my patterns (free or paid) are protected by copyright. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, redistribute, sell and edit them in part or as a whole. You are welcome to sell your finished items made by my patterns, but you cannot use my pictures to promote them. Please, always credit me as the designer of these patterns. You are not allowed to share pdf-files created from my posts with anyone. If you would like more people to join my CAL – please, share a link to my blog with them. If you own a yarn store and would like to sell kits for this CAL - please, contact me for details. You can check Copyright page for more information.



English - US terms
English - UK terms

VIDEO for this part was kindly recordered by wonderful Esther from It's All In A Nutshell. Please, see it in end of this post.

Abbreviations (US terms)

US standard abbreviations are used in this pattern. But if you are used to other terms, please check this Crochet Translation Project which might be helpful in translation to your language.

rnd round
st(s) stitch(es)
sl st slip stitch
ch chain
sc single crochet


Putting bag together

Before starting to join front and back parts of your bag – carefully weave all yarn tails in (if you haven’t done this before). The edges will look neat if you unweave all slip knots in the beginning of each row.
Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

To join front and back parts of your bag, place them together with wrong sides facing and start joining with single crochet using C4 (C6) in sts of row 33 (145 sts in total). Insert the hook through both layers (under 4 loops).
Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

Now turn work a quarter and start crocheting around opening of the bag.

Rnd 1. First you will be crocheting on the front part which consists of 3 parts: two “wings” and round center. Work evenly 27sc on first “wing”, then 1sc in each of 15 sts of circle center and 27sc on next “wing”. Sc in joining row on the side and continue on the back part: 27sc, 15sc, 27sc and 1sc in joining row (140 sc in total on round 1). Mark the last stitch and move marker to the last st of each new round as you progress.

Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

Rnd 2. On this round you will work with hdc on central part (between beginning and end of row 12). For ease, mark beginning and end of row 12 on front and back.
Working on front: Continue with sc till row 12 (in my case 20sc), continue with hdc till beginning or row 12 (in my case 29 hdc), and then continue with sc till the other side of front (20 sc).
Work on back in the same way as on front.
Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

Rnd 3-12. 140 sc around. After rnd 12 join with sl st in next st, fasten off and weave yarn tail in.

Attaching Handles

Make two rectangles with the same yarn as for the band.

Row 1. Ch7, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 5ch. Turn. (6 sts)
Row 2-10. Ch1 (doesn’t count as st), sc in next 6 sts. Turn (6 sts)

Sc around making 3sc in each corner. Finish with sl st, fasten off leaving 25cm (10”) tail. Pull D ring on a rectangle, fold it and sew to one side of the band using yarn tail. Sew 2nd rectangle to the other side of the band. Weave in all yarn tails.
Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

 Congratulations!!! Your new Peacock Tail Bag is now finished!! Your can either start using it already or wait till next week and line it with fabric.

Peacock Tail Bag CAL, Part 6: joining and adding the band. Free pattern in overlay crochet by Lilla Bjorn.

Please, also check video made by Esther from It's All In A Nutshell.

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  1. There is a fault in the dutch translation. In the original pattern you put the two sides together with the wrong sides facing each other. In the translation it says put the two parts together with the wrong sides on the outside.

    1. Thank you for spotting this! I haev put the file down before this error is resolved. Once corrected it will be back online again!

  2. Thank you for such a lovely design and positive experience. I actually kept up this time -- a miracle for me!! 😂 I hope you will soon have another lovely CAL for us to do. I learn so much from you. Thank you for sharing your tremendous talent with us all.

  3. Happy I will nearly be able to use my bag but sad its over. I have really enjoyed this thank you Tatsiana

  4. Can't wait to finish my bag, but I do want to wait until I can line it with the fabric. I have learned so much and really enjoyed the overlay crochet. Hope to make another one in different colors. You're the best...and thanks to Esther for her awesome videos..couldn't have done it to completion without her!

  5. still waiting for the dutch translation.. when is it coming?

  6. dutch translation.... when is it coming?

  7. Are there instructions for lining the bag ?

    1. Instructions for lining will be published next Wednesday.

  8. Hi, I live in Australia and would love to purchase the whole kit. Is there anyone who I can purchase it and have it shipped out here?

  9. I am in Australia and bought my kit from Wool Warehouse in the U,K. Postage was reasonable and they were very quick to post.

  10. toujours pas de traduction a français??? j’espère qu'elle va arriver :D
    bon début de semaine ;)

  11. I started my second bag about a week ago and I just finished attaching the D-rings. My sister will be glad with her birthday gift, I am sure. Thanks again, Tatsiana, for your beautiful designs!


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