Hygge CAL 2017 is almost here!

Something very special will be happening in almost 2 weeks. Have you heard about Hygge CAL? It’s a new (very beautiful and just fantastic) crochet project introduced for year 2017 by Scheepjes, together with designer Kirsten Ballering of Haak Maar Raak. If you haven’t heard anything about this CAL before, today is the right day, as kits went for sale. So if you would like to add this project to your collection and use the same yarns, you should hurry up!
Hygge Scheepjes CAL 2017
Photo credit: Scheepjes

So what’s Hygge CAL (crochet-a-long) about? As Kirsten explains on her blog, the word “Hygge” is Danish and it’s translated to English as “cosiness”. It’s about a rectangle shawl (or wrap). And I have never seen anything like this before! Hygge CAL is about mixture of yarns and techniques. Together with classical crochet you will do lots of embroidery, a little bit of tapestry and surface crochet, and you can line your finished shawl with fabric, if you like.
Hygge Scheepjes CAL 2017
Photo credit: Scheepjes

The size is approx. 36cm/14in wide and 180-190cm/75in long, depending on your gauge of course. I was very lucky to see this masterpiece for real back in November in the Netherlands, on Scheepjes Days. And I even tried it around my neck! It’s so soft, and warm, and truly cozy! And the length is very generous. I could easily wrap it around my neck (and I even had a thought to steal it…) and Christa of The Curio Crafts Room made a picture of me (thank you very much!).
Hygge Scheepjes CAL 2017
Photo credit: The Curio Crafts Room
Two different yarns are used for this shawl, but both of them are cotton. No wool! Good news for those who have wool allergy. The background is crocheted with Stone Washed (reviewed HERE) – the most famous yarn by Scheepjes, and colorful accents and embroidery are made with Catona (reviewed HERE), another my favourite yarn which I very often use for my own overlay projects.

Kits are now on sale and you can choose from several colour ways: Rainbow, Pastel, Jewel and the Limited editon Simy's choice kit. They are available for purchase at your local Scheepjes shops as well as from large retailers who ship orders internationally: Wool Warehouse*, Deramores* and Loveknitting* (for US customers).
Hygge Scheepjes CAL 2017
Photo credit: Scheepjes

Starting date for Hygge CAL is February 15. A week earlier Tips&Tricks will be released to give you necessary information to complete this gorgeous shawl successfully. CAL will last for 13 weeks, and every week a new part will be released. Written instructions and charts will be accompanied by high-quality video’s made by Esther of It’s All In A Nutshell. So you will be carefully guided through every step, and you should feel safe!

For a true CAL spirit you can join one of 2 groups on Facebook (very active and friendly): Dutch (here) or International for English speaking people (here). If you would like to share wips and finished shawls on social media, please, use hashtag #ScheepjesHyggeCAL so that we all could find your masterpiece and admire!

UPDATE: the kits are sold very fast! In case you are not lucky to order your own - here is a complete list of yarns and shades used for each colour way. You can purchase them on Wool Warehouse (Catona* and Stone Washed*), Deramores (Catona*and Stone Washed*) and Paradise Fibers (US) (Catona* and Stone Washed*).

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  1. Wow! This is truly gorgeous! Can hardly wait for the CAL to start... The Rainbow kit is already out of stock at Woolwarehouse and Deramores...

    Diane from Canada


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