Celtic Tiles Blanket: Reveal

Today is the Ta-dah moment. I finished my Celtic Tiles Blanket (and yes, it already has the name), and can finally show it to you. It’s my second experience with Celtic design and I am so much in love with cables. So for sure new patterns will come in the future.

So here is my finished blanket. I used Stone Washed XL* yarn by Scheepjes and in my opinion the yarn and the pattern work together really well. The blanket consists of 20 squares (every square is approx 30cm/12” large) and the entire size of the blanket is approx. 122cm x 152cm (48in x 60in). Of course you can add more squares and make it larger.

The color you see in the pictures is Crystal Quartz – a nice light grey shade. I made 4 additional samples to show you how the squares can look in different colors: Moon Stone, Smokey Quartz, Amazonite and Boulder Opal. And I can’t really say which is my favorite. I love the classical look of cream (Moon Stone) and I would be happy to make a cream blanket for myself. But unfortunately with a very active dog and my almost 6-years-old son it would be impossible to keep it clean for a long time. So I thought grey might be the best choice for me – not too light and not too dark. But don’t you agree that cables look fantastic in darker shade as well?

I didn’t use classical Aran crochet (cabling) for my Celtic Tiles blanket. Instead I decided to go for an overlay crochet – my beloved crochet technique. What does it mean? It means that there is a plain background made with sc and dc stitches (US terms) and cables are added onto this background on the right side of the blanket. So wrong side is plain and right side is structured, and there are two layers instead of one.

Overlay crochet made this blanket a little bit more sturdy and heavy than it would be with just classical cables. But this is exact effect I wanted to achieve. I wanted to create a blanket which you can really feel. It’s not very well draped, but it’s very warm and cozy – just perfect for winter times.

This design may look a little bit tricky, but I have a happy news for you! Esther of It’s All In A Nutshell is making video for this pattern. It means you will be guided though each and every row and stitch. I can assure that this video is very detailed and if you have never tried overlay crochet before – maybe this is the right time to give it a try.

Approx. 87g of Stone Washed XL is used for each square (just under two skeins) and entire blanket weights 1820g.

FREE pattern will be published next week here on my blog. And if you would like to use the same yarn as me, there are kits available for purchase via Wool Warehouse (HERE*) and Deramores (HERE*) - both UK retailers ship orders internationally. And of course you can find Stone Washed XL yarn in your local Scheepjes shops. I will keep you updated... :)

UPDATE: Celtic tiles Blanket pattern is available for free HERE. You can also purchase a ready-to-print PDF of this pattern HERE on Ravelry.

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  1. Wow! This is so beautiful. I can't wait to try it.

  2. I love your work. It is always so beautiful.

  3. It's so beautiful, Tatsiana!!

  4. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to try this out!

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments! I am working hard on this pattern. It should ready early next week!

  6. Es hermosa! espero ansiosa el patrón para hacerla!!! Gracias desde ya por compartirlo

  7. Simply Stunning as all crocheters have come to love and respect. KUDOS TO YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK TATSIANA & ATTENTION TO DETAILS.

  8. Amazing blanket! I can't wait for it and the video!

  9. Like everything you design, this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your talent so generously!

  10. Beautiful! I wonder how it will look with the overlay in a different color.

  11. I really love the grey, but the design is so beautiful that it would be lovely in any color. Can't wait to get started on this one--I just bought some light teal yarn and was trying to find the perfect pattern for it and now I have.

  12. I so enjoyed Tatsiana walking me through every step of this gorgeous pattern. She makes it simple even for a relatively new crocheter. (3 years experience for me) I could have not even started it without her video. I am so proud of my completed work.
    Thank you Tatsiana


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