Talking to Winter: a new crochet pattern is being born…

Recently I’ve entered the mode of hard and non-stop designing. It happens sometimes that after a long and not very productive pause you suddenly feel a constant stream of creative energy. When ideas stay in long line and you want to take all of them at once. I literally didn’t sleep and eat for last 3 days and I feel a kind of empty. But! The result is here! I have come up with new designs and I am so impatient to show you all at once. But maybe I should better do it one by one… and today I will begin telling you about one of them.

Stone Washed XL yarn by Scheepjes

As you may know I am in love with overlay crochet and everything structured, textured and cabled. I have been using many colors in my work, but recently I started to think it would be nice to show the structure first. And not just the colors. So for my new design (which will involve lots and lots of cabling) I chose plain shades of Stone Washed XL* yarn by Scheepjes. Have you tried it? If not, you definitely should!

Stone Washed XL yarn by Scheepjes

Stone Washed XL is an Aran version of famous and very well known regular Stone Washed yarn by Scheepjes (reviewed HERE). It has exactly the same structure, and comes in same (23) shades. But it calls for a larger needles and crochet hook (5mm/H). This is a cotton blend (70% Cotton x 30% Acrylic) and though it is Aran, finished projects are not too heavy.
Stone Washed XL yarn by Scheepjes

Stone Washed XL comes in balls of 50g with 75m yardage. It’s available for purchase via UK retailers Wool Warehouse* and Deramores* (both are shipping orders internationally), Paradise Fibers* (US) and in your local Scheepjes shops. And if you like the yarn bowl in the picture, it's produced by Scheepjes too (check it HERE*).

I chose Crystal Quartz for my new project. And I am pretty happy with how it looks. This shade is light but at the same time it’s very practical. I really love cables in white or cream, but as far as I am making a blanket (yes, it will be a blanket!) I want it to last as long as possible without washing. It’s snowing a lot these days in the Czech Republic. We haven’t had so much snow since long ago. And Crystal Quartz perfectly speaks to this winter. And perfectly reflects the view I am seeing from my window.

Other shades will work well for this design too. I will show you different samples next week.
Stone Washed XL yarn by Scheepjes

I can’t reveal anything else, let’s keep it a secret. But be sure to check my blog next week as you will see new updates. And… this new design will be published on my blog for free!

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See you soon,

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  1. I cannot wait to see! I ordered some of this yarn in December and love the feel of it. I used it to make sort of a structured baby hat, and the yarn was perfect for that purpose. I look forward to trying it on other projects as well.

  2. looking forward to this project


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