Lilla Bjorn Sweater: Part 3

Our Lilla Bjorn Sweater make-a-long is almost over. I am loving all your beautiful creations. Please, don’t stop sharing your pictures on social media. They make me happy :) Today we will be putting the sweater together, we will also add the hem at the bottom. And (yay!) your sweater will be finished!
Lilla Bjorn Sweater_free crochet pattern by


Before you start putting sweater together I would recommend blocking all pieces carefully to desired measurements. Blocking will give you an idea of current length of your sweater. And it will be easier to estimate the width of the hem at the bottom.

Putting sweater together

Lilla Bjorn Sweater_free crochet pattern by

Place front and back side by side facing you with RS.

Using yarn tails sew triangles at the bottom to the decreased sides (as shown in the pictures).

My photo camera died few days ago and I needed to give it to service. I couldn't make progress pictures for the rest of the pattern, but you can watch the video!

Sew shoulder seams. Sew sides (regular side of the enlarged octagon) from the top of triangles up, leaving a desired space for the armhole (approx. 15cm/6" in height, or 30cm/12" in circumference).

To strengthen neckline and armholes, work with one round of slip stitches around them:
  • Attach yarn with ss (on RS) in a shoulder seam, work with ss around the neckline, join with ss in first ss of the round, fasten off. Repeat the same for armholes.


Round 1. With RS facing you attach yarn with ss in magic ring of any triangle, ch2, 1dc in same st as join, dc evenly along the bottom of your sweater. Be sure you make equal amount of dc’s along the bottom of both triangles. When you come to the beginning of the round, join with ss in first dc after ch2.

Round 2. Ch4 (counts as dc and ch1-sp), skip base st and next one, 1dc in next st, [ch1, skip 1 st, 1dc in next st] repeat around, ch1, join with ss in third ch in the beginning of the round.

Round 3. Ch2 (doesn’t count as dc), 2dc in next sp, [1dc in next st, 1dc in next sp] repeat around. Join with ss in first dc after ch2.

Repeat rounds 2 and 3 till you reach the desired length of your sweater, then repeat Rnd 2 once again.

Here are approx. directions for you: size S/M - 8 rounds (or 7cm/3"), size L/XL - 10 rounds (or 9cm/3.5"), size 2X - 12 rounds (or 11cm/4.5") 


[ch5, skip sp+ next dc+ next sp, ss in next dc, ch3, ss in same dc] repeat around. Improvise with end with this rnd depending on your stitch count. Fasten off.

Weave in all ends, block your sweater to measurements.

Congratulations!!! Your very own Lilla Bjorn Sweater is now finished! 
Lilla Bjorn Sweater_free crochet pattern by

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  1. This looks wonderful. I am going to begin making one in the morning. Thank you for sharing this pattern.


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