Pastel Triangles Pillow: join-as-you-go in C2C crochet (video tutorial)

Corner-to-corner crochet technique (C2C) is great in many ways. It is very logic and easy, aimed to beginners. Being really easy it has endless possibilities for creation of unique and very intricate crochet fabrics. You can easily follow the chart and, more than that, you can create the charts by yourself!
C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

I have learned C2C about a year ago and totally fell in love with it. I used this technique for two parts of Spirits of Life CAL (next week the first part in C2C crochet will be released). I needed to join C2C panel with the body of the wrap, and I thought that join-as-you-go method is the best for this.

I made a small research and found a few tutorials on how to actually join-as-you-go in C2C. But many of them are describing how to join the squares. I thought what if I try to create a pattern with triangles and try to apply the same method. And it worked well. So I decided to make a video-tutorial and share it with you. Well, I am not saying it’s the first and only tutorial out there! It’s just mine, and with a certain pattern in mind.
C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

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What does “join-as-you-go” mean? It means you don’t need to crochet around each element and then join them all into finished fabric. Instead, each new element is seamlessly added to the previous one. Very handy and saves lots of time!
C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

 Important to Know

I created a crochet decoration for a fabric pillow cover. And used leftovers of Soft Fun yarn* by Scheepjes in 8 shades (see color key below, with the chart). I was trying to think of the best way to explain how I did everything. And here are some important things I’ve come up with.

1. If you want to create a crocheted fabric with triangles, you should think of them as if they were squares. My pillow cover is built in rows with squares, and each of them consists of 2 triangles. So every square is started with one triangle and then when desired size is reached, the yarn is changed and the square is finished with second triangle, as you normally do in C2C.

C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

2. Triangles “inside” each square are not the same size. For my pillow pattern I made them with 7 and 8 rows. But of course you can make them bigger (or smaller). And of course you can make your piece with any number of triangles (= in any size)!

3. It is important to understand how first several triangles are joined together in each row, and the rest of the row is just a repeat of what has been made already.

4. When you join new triangles, it is important to watch the direction of the stitches: they should not be placed in the same direction (see picture below).
C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

Ideally wrong and right sides of closely situated blocks should also alternate. But sometimes it is not possible, and to be honest I don’t think is it absolutely necessary. In the end it doesn’t have any impact on the final look of the project. At least it’s not visible in my pillow.

How to Read the Chart

Please, note that this tutorial is not aimed to teach C2C crochet. If you have never tried it before, please, check information about C2C technique HERE and HERE (tutorials by One Dog Woof and It’s All In A Nutshell)

I’ve created the chart to show you layout of my colors. Please, read it in “rows of squares”, from bottom to top and from right to left. The order of triangles in every row is marked with numbers. The starting point of each triangle is marked with arrows. After Rows 1 and 2 are completed, the rest of the pattern is repeating of Row 2. When entire piece is finished, work the border around it.
C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

Colour key in Soft Fun yarn* (given for Row 1):

Triangle 1 – shade 2624,
Triangle 2 – shade 2604,
Triangle 3 – shade 2613,
Triangle 4 – shade 2466,
Triangle 5 – shade 2531,
Triangle 6 – shade 2423,
Triangle 7 – shade 2611,
Triangle 8 – shade 2431.

Instead of explaining with words how I joined triangle together, I created a video tutorial for you. Hope it will be clear and helpful!

C2C Pastel Triangles pillow - join as you go - tutorial by

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  1. Absolutely great, I love you C2C pillow
    Have a great weekend, Manon

  2. Hi. I really enjoy following your blog. Your designs are amazing.
    I'm still waiting for my spirits of life kit to arrive and will start as soon as it gets here.
    I have a question about the pillow - could it be done continuously - not as seperate squares that need to be joined?

    1. Hi Nikole, the whole idea of this pattern is that triangles are joined continuously :) Please, watch the video, you will see everything.

  3. There was no sound with your video

  4. Your designs are inspiring and gorgeous although scary to me, I may try this beautiful c2c pillow as you very kindly have video tutorial please continue to create and share many thanks

  5. Hi Lilabjorn thankyou for sharing your pretty pattern. I do really learn any stitch from it


  6. This pillow is SO cool and so beautifull

  7. Hi Tatsiana,
    This pattern is very nice and I would love to do it. May I know if 8 balls of Softfun only for one side of the pillow or enough for 2 sides? Thanks.

    1. Hi Niz, ah I haven't weight the yarn. Thought of it as a stash buster project. but I would think 8 skeins should be enough for both sides...


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