Spirits of Life CAL: Part 3. Overlay crochet squares

Welcome to Part 3 of Spirits of Life Wrap CAL. My feeds on all social media are flooded with beautiful pictures of your wraps. And wow! So many new and amazing color combinations! I am very happy you had fun with Mosaic crochet last week. And today you will improve your skills in overlay crochet technique.
Spirits of Life Wrap CAL: Part 3. Overlay crochet square. Designed by www.lillabjorncrochet.com in collaboration with Scheepjes

If it’s your first time to see this CAL, please check General Information HERE, Part 1 and Part 2.
This week is about overlay crochet squares. You will complete 4 of them – each with a new placement of colors. So all your squares will be different, and you will definitely not be bored.

The square consists of central medallion (made with Catona) and then 4 corners (with Spirit yarn) are added. And to frame everything you will add a final edge with Catona again.
Spirits of Life Wrap CAL: Part 3. Overlay crochet square. Designed by www.lillabjorncrochet.com in collaboration with Scheepjes


IMPORTANT: Please, be aware that all my patterns (free or paid) are protected by copyright. You are not allowed to copy, reproduce, redistribute (online or off-line), sell and edit them in part or as a whole. You are welcome to sell your finished items made by my patterns, but you cannot use my pictures to promote them. Please, always credit me as the designer of these patterns. You are not allowed to share pdf-files created from my posts with anyone. If you would like more people to join my CAL – please, share a link to my blog with them. You can check Copyright page for more information.

Part 3 - Afrikaans
Part 3 - Czech
Part 3 - Danish
Part 3 - Dutch
Part 3 - English (US)
Part 3 - English (UK)
Part 3 - Finnish
Part 3 - French
Part 3 - German
Part 3 - Hebrew
Part 3 - Norwegian
Part 3 - Polish
Part 3 - Portuguese
Part 3 - Spanish
Part 3 - Swedish
Part 3 - Russian

The pattern says every square should be 14cm large – after blocking. Of course this is valid only in case you have correct gauge and your previous parts were the same size as given in the pattern. If your gauge is a bit off – don’t worry. We will find the way how to fix this.

Please, measure the width of your blocked piece and divide it by 4. This is what your square size (blocked) should be. For example, if width of your wrap is 60cm, your square should be 60:4=15cm. And if your width is, say, 52cm – the square should be 52:4=13cm.
Spirits of Life Wrap CAL: Part 3. Overlay crochet square. Designed by www.lillabjorncrochet.com in collaboration with Scheepjes

You can achieve correct size either by blocking (stretching your square to bigger dimensions), or making small tweaks with the pattern. You can try and play with hdc/dc/tr (US terms) stitches on rounds 7 and 8, and on the final round of the edge. If you feel your square is not getting desired size, try to replace stitches on these rounds with either shorter or longer ones. I hope this small trick will help you!

As on previous parts, please, weigh your yarns carefully and check yardages for each color in a table for Part 1.

And here are my squares joined for each color way. Please, feel free to join them in another order if you wish!

Spirits of Life Wrap CAL: Part 3. Overlay crochet square. Designed by www.lillabjorncrochet.com in collaboration with Scheepjes

And here is the video! If you would like to see break-down in time for every round, please, visit my YouTube channel HERE.

  • Spirits of Life CAL was sponsored by Scheepjes. There are still kits available for purchase (at the time of posting) if you want to buy one. Check information HERE.
  • You can join Official CCC Social group on Facebook which is an official host of Spirits of Life CAL. You will get all needed support and help there. You can also join my Ravelry group HERE and ask questions in CAL threads.
UPDATE: Part 4 is HERE.

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    1. Have been trying to get to the English(UK) version but the link doesn’t seem to be working. I know I could manage to work from the US version, but it will be difficult to mentally translate the pattern as I work. Is the UK version going to be available soon as I am keen to move on the next part, I am having so much fun learning the new techniques and watching the wrap grow. :-)

      1. The UK version should be added shortly but at the moment I can't tell you when. The pattern has been revised and I am waiting for the file.

    2. Thank you, I will wait until it comes on line. :-)

    3. I found the patterm.
      Thank you

    4. I still can't download the UK version.
      This will really cause some frustration as while I can work from the US terms ive been working from the UK terms as this is what I letter prefer to work from

    5. Can I assume that the yarn choices are the same for the orchid version, since I saw changes in parts 1&2, I wanted to verify.

      1. Yes, the colors are changed in the same way for all three colorways.

    6. Hvor får jeg kjøpt garnpakke med garn til Spirit of the Vulcano ?? finner bare orkide og lake. i så fall hvilken garn skal jeg da kjøpe? koder på fargene ol. ellers elsker jeg dine produkter. å følger og laer dine produkter.

      1. Hello! Spirit of Volcano kit is still available at Black Sheep Wools (Uk with international shipping).


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